Decorating with Ikea or Maison du Monde for a Dream Home

When we have to renew a room of our house usually we end up buying furniture magazines, design and most of the time we just try five free minutes on the internet images that can inspire. It obviously is a little of everything’, and as is natural it is the most beautiful and special solutions are the ones that fascinate us the most. not only do we inspire, but also “influence” from those that are the fads, trends and more modern colors.  

Decorating with Ikea or Maison du Monde for a Dream Home

for example, if we were to renew our lounge, trendy in this period are the gray and white colors for both the walls and for the sofas, two colors associated especially with yellow, turquoise, coral and pink give some really amazing results.

What is certain is that it is no longer used the total white, which eventually leads to tire out a bit ‘and it is really difficult to manage.

1) To furnish the living room with white

In stricter cases, minimal and modern join in the pure white of blacks elements, often geometric or very linear.

White sofa, white walls, but blacks elements or dark gray to create exciting contrasts and sober at the same time.

An alternative solution is to add a delicate color tone such as in the living rooms in the picture below. See for wall clocks.

Soft games and data from the combination elegant white, black and gray or by delicate color dots obtained with more or less small pieces of furniture: cushions, paintings, vases and even fresh flowers that lighten the environment, brighten up and make it very elegant and refined.

Always starting from white as the main color on the contrary we can play with combinations of strong and determined.

White sofa, colorful walls, or white sofa and colorful elements: both are great solutions that create environments of sophisticated and very elegant.

Interesting and very fashionable is the theme “Tropical” that goes well with white as a basic element.

The solutions to get this kind of result are very many: just play with various elements of more or less modern decor.

If white is your favorite color and if the color games are meant for you, but if you do not want to spend a lot to know that there is no need to make major sacrifices.

Both Maison du Monde that Ikea offer different solutions very beautiful and impressive.

White and gray minimal solutions rather essential are the alternatives that we hear Ikea: the sofas start at 299 € up to just over 1000 euro and all other objects of furniture have a rather low price.

If you love a little ‘color, there are several solutions to choose from looking on the website Maison du Monde.

The prices are also content from Maison du Monde: the choice is really wide, there is almost lose your head.

Items of furniture are valid and you can indulge: in this case it goes from EUR 299 to EUR 999 for a sofa.

2) Furnish with gray

The same is done for the White goes for the gray: With this color you can get minimal and modern settings if you approach the simple white or we can create sophisticated environments using combinations of very modern and striking colors such as yellow, coral and turquoise.

Walls light or dark gray, white sofa and very neutral elements on white and light or dark gray to hot, tidy and modern.

A great match for the gray lovers is the one with the pastel colors : pink and taupe light can be the winners and refined combinations.

Maison du Monde proposes optimal solutions using very soft pastel shades combined with gray and white elements.

Interesting, modern and impressive is the combination of dark gray with yellow on condition that you do not use other colors.

Yellow sofa and gray walls, or vice versa, elements strictly gray or yellow, and the result is really secured.

Again we will not have to repeat these effects with our new living room if we refer to the website of Maison du Monde or Ikea for some very interesting low cost solutions.

Ikea solutions: the prices are the same for both of the sofas and the various pieces of furniture: the very many solutions to suit all tastes.

If you love the most the turquoise is recommended to return the site of Maison du Mondee specially if we have to buy some pieces of furniture.

These are just some of the solutions that we can find on Maison du Monde: all elements very delicious and special, modern, practical and impressive.

Which color do you prefer?

As you can see there are no major differences with solutions that are on the internet or on furniture and design magazines.

The essential thing is to have some ‘good taste, desire to try and put that bit of extra attention in the design of details, without mixing too many colors and without losing sight of the effect you want to achieve.

It’s gray, it’s white, turquoise, black or yellow be aware that items that will make a big difference in your living room will be the pillows.

They must be many, coordinated and different fantasies.

They should be soft, well-padded and very comfortable.

Of Maison du Monde you pick any of that and prices range from 10 Euros to 29 Euros pillow and wishing you can also buy only the linings of your choice.