A new year is coming and it is time to think about what you would like to renew your home. What such a beautiful environment that give you useful, warmth and harmony and last long?

It is time to start the year making your house look as you’ve always wanted and respecting the environment, as well as your economy. These simple steps will help you to give a style and flair custom LED that look different and illuminate the best moments among family and friends.

To start you can do so through the main entrance. Installing a light fixture that let them see the type of decoration which awaits behind the door; a recommended option is the decorative application of wall as the HLED-150/S.

Halls provide a different view through the wide variety of built-in roof, either fixed or adjustable. One suggestion is the YDLED-275/9W/30/to the hall.

In the living room, a suspended, as well as make it look renewed immediately, will cause that they make whole space, furniture and ornaments. We recommend the CTLLED-100/6W/30 or you can also install a light fixture hanging, traditional and put a lamp or LED spotlight.

It gives a look to the article published on November 15 “Renew your home with LED” so you add information and choose the best option.

Remember that Bridgat provides technical advice and more options in LED lights, so that you can renew your luminaires with cutting-edge.

Do not hesitate, come to us!

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