Decorate with Pastel Colors to Give a touch of Freshness to Your Home

If it’s time to freshen up your home and want, taking advantage of the fine weather, enjoy the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, maybe even vaguely romantic, then maybe you should just consider the idea of using pastel colors, perfect for coloring and furnish any environment from the one with vintage design to the more urban and modern.

Decorate with Pastel Colors to Give a touch of Freshness to Your Home

The pastel colors are soft and delicate tints, very good taste, and in general among them stand out the candy pink and powder pink, peach, blue sugar paper, the pale yellow, mint green and lilac Provençal.

When we decide to use the colors, whatever they are, to furnish our house, you should always follow some pretty strict rules to avoid making spots of color or make, on the contrary, the too monotonous environment.

Furnishing perfect technique consists in ‘match the muted tones of pastel colors to brighter to create a good contrast effect.
If, however, you decide to use pastel shades for the walls of the room, then we must preferably match furniture or wood or white, placed together vane of soft, light colors, so as to make the bright and cozy room.

For those wishing to give a bright and mild tone at home, you can also refresh the environment by changing only the curtains, by themselves, they are able to give a different and very nice look.

In general we can say that as well as neutral colors, those pastels are perfect for small rooms with wall stickers and are also interesting when placed in dark areas, because they give light and can create a delicate and pleasing contrast.

All pastel tones, then, precisely because they are soft colors, light and fresh, are perfectly suitable for any type of furniture and environment.

Furnish the kitchen with pastel colors

Now the pastel colors are widely used even in the kitchen. Many companies offering solutions composed of pink furnishings, blue and green.

If the kitchen is not the same to be in pastel colors, then the best choice is to concentrate the pastel colors on the tools or in small details: dark cooktops in contrast to the muted colors if the kitchen is pastel, pastel tools if the kitchen is in wood or in dark shades.

But they are also the perfect play of colors using the walls or pieces of furniture as important can be the refrigerator, table or chairs.

Decorate the living room with pastel colors

The living room is one of the rooms where more easily we tend to choose pieces of furniture in pastel shades.

Often you end up with even paint one wall of the room with soft colors, such as pink, gray, cream-colored or blue, maybe daring with a geometric cut.

Winning moves will be: a cushion which incorporates the wall colors, rather than the sofa cover and a vase, a lamp, a table that suits the pastel colors.

Decorate the children’s room with pastel colors

In this case of course there is no limit to the imagination!
A small room with soft, light colors will be ideal to create a fun and friendly environment at an early age.

Despite the imagination and greater freedom of action, even for the children’s room it is never wrong, for an insured effect, concentrating the pastel shades on small items such as a table, a chair or a desk because it could always be easily replaced if over time will eventually get boring … well more expensive would be the replacement of a very large and important piece of furniture.