• Place the candles outside the currents air that last longer, which is consumed in a uniform manner. If it is not possible, turn the candle while it is consumed every half an hour more or less, or introduzcela in a container that is higher than the same.
  • We must look carefully at the wick whenever you go to light the candle. You must have one centimeter in height at a minimum, be clean. Attention to the wick stays straight and centered.
  • To better leverage the perfume of scented candles, it is best to turn them until wax well reaches the edge to turn lights off then, and and release perfume for a long time. If it shuts off before the well reaches the edge, it is possible the formation of a hole and taking advantage of sailing will be less.
  • Do not forget that glass It is not resistant to high temperatures, so if candles are submerged in a bowl of that material, there to shut down them until they touch the bottom. To prevent breakage, we advise you to take a tablespoon of water in the bottom of the container.
  • The sails shape of sphere they must be lit so that only the interior, to burn leaving intact the outside. Thus in the future can still be used by inserting a candle (tea, for example) small in the hole.
  • If a candle has dripped on a piece of furniture, it can be cleaned using a cotton wet in alcohol.
  • To clean the remnants of wax of a candlestick, put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and remove any wax residue with your fingers.


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