Curtain Blinds Design Ideas


  1. Blinds curtains models
  2. Where to buy curtains blinds?

Curtains blind is considered as a modern and stylish alternative to your decor. Most people think of the square or shorts models, covering only the window, but this is only one of several possibilities of the template to your house. There are several types of shutters and surely you will find an ideal one for your space.

Although it is match better with modern style, curtains blinds are suitable in any type of room, and 1950s-style is the most modernists with metallization in all spaces. Even a disk in a theme room is cool, just find the ideal item to your project.

The accessory only offers advantages. With simple maintenance, just a damp cloth with specific products can already keep the item in good shape. Another tip is to use a cloth whenever you notice dust on the item and thus keeps it clean. Once installed, it only can be removed by hands. The life of the product is also quite long, even longer than the models of tissue and it does not require many energy and a lot of water for washing.


Despite being the best known square, there are several other models. The longest are used when you have glass mural or doors of landscape. It is common on hotel balconies and light isolation case with control. The system of ropes to open and close is the best known, but this is only one of the possibilities. Whether you want a  depends on your room decoration style. Short curtains with shutter format are widely used in bedrooms, small windows and they work well. Only when you have a large window or glass doors, you need a full-length curtains, especially on the run.

The smaller and more short rods work best to isolate the light and the wider, which are more charming. For example, it is an excellent request for law firms to use this segment model.

The item can be the element of contrast in your decor. If your wall is white and apathetic, for example, a shade color curtain is necessary to break the monochrome and add color to the space. If you don’t want to change the color of the room, just uninstall it. You will need a professional when you are installing or fixing the curtains blinds, but it can be removed without any problem and alone with a little care.


There’s always spot goods on sale in shops of decoration products or specialists in windows, but what is our best choice is the customized one. A customized model well fit better for your window. You decide when you want it to start and finish, and you can send margins on the sides that guarantee not to light input. You can also select the best material and negotiate prices. There are nice shops on the Internet or in your city with sale specializing in custom shutter curtain, and you always has the chance to negotiate; what’s more you can pay 50% of the value first and pay the rest on delivery. Note the final figure reported includes the installation.

Prices vary according to the material and especially if it is a customized product or not. You can find templates on the market from R$40 or others which are more expensive if they are wider. In the case of purchase order, you will always get a budget and a copy of this to ensure that the price includes the service.