Crafts to Make with Old Light Bulbs

When the bulb you stop working, do not rush it away. Today we’ll show you some interesting ideas on how to make a decoration of the old bulbs.

Depending on the shape and color, there are different ways of transformation. You can decorate your home with new elements during the holidays. Fill them with your favorite tiny candies and place them on the kitchen counter. If you need Christmas decorations are also quite suitable for light bulbs. Would make a wreath on the door or just revive them as playful Christmas toys you will not regret it. In any case are quite spectacular.

Several metal wires and colors will help you become useless bulbs in bees or ants naughty. A creative can sow small plants inside them or turn them into delicate vases for flowers of the field. Especially for young children from each bulb you to craft mini air balloon. You’ll need a few colorful pieces of fabric and cord with which to suspended ceiling. With a little effort you will easily learn to use every seemingly useless object. DIY decoration for your home.