It’s nice that Garnier Thiebaut every year two new collections hangs up with new designs. But this reason also always fall very popular decors in the collection, LJF series or the meter. But many a design has become a classic for many fans of this colorful and high quality table linen. And this time it was one of the most popular patterns hit – but we have the remedy!The designs Mille Asters Pop and Mille Asters Carmine are back.

Mille Asters Pop and Carmine

We have on request from Garnier Thiebaut in France one of his very popular classics, in two color combinations from the past, flowing again weave for us. Garnier Thiebaut has made it possible that we, the beautiful models Mille Asters Pop and Mille Asters Carmine can offer you again. The brilliant reds are available in two variations. Is it in Design Mille Asters Pop the interplay of red and orange, harmonize in Mille Asters carmine red and violet. The two compositions are a highlight on every table and radiate a great warmth and comfort.

In Two Qualities

But that’s not all what the substances or tablecloths of Garnier Thiebaut has to offer. You want a quality fabric of high-damask, with a failed pattern?Then these two are exactly the right ones for you. Top Quality begins here already in the cotton at about the decoration, to the weave on the special Jacquard looms. The intricate patterns are woven and not printed. The fine and noble luster of the fabric can still better accentuate the intense and bright colors. In addition, it has a wonderful feel and a particularly beautiful case.

The next argument you would finally convince all – there are substances in two different versions. The first I have just described. But who wants a material that is on top of that quite insensitive to stains and wetness, which will be happy to know that there is also a coated quality. This is a very thin coating on acrylic resin base, the moisture can easily run off and is resistant to conventional stains. What ever can go wrong when eating, can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. Whether cocoa, sauce or ketchup, nothing leaves lasting marks on the vintage tablecloths and the meter of Garnier Thiebaut, because this material is very easy to care!

The “Garden-Season” Comes

The wipe-clean quality is also particularly good for outdoors. If you have a morning outdoors can have breakfast on the terrace, afternoon drinks his coffee on the balcony or in the evening with friends in the garden a barbecue makes – an easy-care tablecloth is simply practical. You may also like to times lie there something there, because she is in no time ready for use again.

Tablecloth Made To Measure

Get your tailor tablecloth of us to measure . The Garnier Thiebaut Mille designs Aster Pop and Mille Asters Carmine are available by the meter that can we cut and processed in our own tailor for you to measure. Also extra length or width is not a problem, as is the form; whether round, square or oval. Let us know your wishes.

Even More Options

If you have any other ideas, ideas or special requests, so you like to come to us. We sew for example, matching placemats and napkins to or covers for the cushions of your chairs adequate for Tablecloth. Ask us, we try to implement your wishes.

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