Today, within the special cleaning of Decoesfera, Let’s refer to the surfaces of marble, granite or compact that simply pass a waxed cloth is not enough, because that applies a layer of wax on countertops and shelves you end up getting a yellowish, different from the original, and not exactly beautiful appearance.

Let’s see how to clean each of these materials as being porous get stains be cleaned surfaces with different products. We found some traditionally in any pantry, although sometimes it will agree to resort to specific products in specialised stores.

How to clean marble

The secret is to remove all the crap well, including old wax that layer upon layer gets matted Marbles by giving them a look opaque and beige. To resolve this problem you must remove all wax from marble using any commercial product, and after clean it thoroughly with SOAP and water, again waxing if desired.

Marble is a porous material, Therefore, any stain on it can be removed easily, so it is recommended to clean it in the Act. The most common method is the water and the SOAP, but when there are strong stains, you can use other remedies.

Traditionally, the marble is cleaned with vinegar diluted with water, If that be dark or yellowish spots. or with juice of lemon with salt, If he was patches of rust, metal of any Chair, table or pedestal table legs. The marks of cigarette burns, are only removed if the marble is polished again. Wine stains can be removed if the clean with water and chlorine. He rubs and then rinse well once the stain has come out. This same solution can be used for coffee stain on marble. Liquid chlorine softened in water, or chlorine-based products, can also be used for bleaching white marble, it is important to remember that it must be for a short time.

When cleaning marble is used any corrosive substance whether a commercial product or any product home such as vinegar, lemon, etc., should be avoided that these products are very long in contact with the marble. This is why we advise you to apply product, rub the stained by some area few minutes and rinse immediately. If stain persists, and you want to insist you can do it, but taking care of rinse with clean water between one and another application being used.

In terms of cleaning tools are going to specify one by one, they are just as important as the products:

Cotton cloth.-A soft cotton cloth will help us to remove dust from the surface

Sponges.-In principle it is most asdecuado and convenient for cleaning and polishing of marble.

Brushes.-Are good auxiliaries for cleaning marble and if used together with some scouring powder obtained magnificent results.

Aluminum wool.-If the dirt is superficial and does not come out with sponge only, can use aluminum number 0000 wool to rub the stain, but very softly so as not to damage the finished marble.

How to clean granite

Granite can be found with wide variety of colors, textures and designs, these being the reasons why can be adapted to almost all environments. It is a material of great hardness, durability and elegance. Being a stone composed largely of quartz, it is very hard. It is usually grey, pink or red, and can be easily sanded. It is practically waterproof and offers great resistance the passage of time. Often used in flooring.

The best thing to clean granite is mild soap and water, that I will pass on it with the help of a cloth. We must avoid that these soils take contact with Corrosives such as ammonia, acidic liquids, etc., since they harm them.

They are an essential part of cleaning the used cloths, much or more than the products. If we use water and neutral SOAP or bleach dense (remembering always the importance of rinsing), using a soft sponge or scouring pad of blue fibers which do not scratch, and carefully dried after rinsing with a soft or baize cloth, We will have a clean and bright. The microfiber and paper clean the dust and dirt and absorb moisture, leaving the granite with a spectacular shine. Both can be complementary or used separately.

As for those pasted dry spots It seems that they won’t never removed, the hot water is the solution. Do not be the nail by rubbing because it is much more effective to apply for a few minutes warm soapy water with a soft cloth or a soft scouring pad. Gradually the stain, with the action of heat and detergent is going softening and is easier to remove.

How to clean the compact

The appearance of the Compact quartz It was a new surprising within materials which until then were applied to kitchen countertops. This fantastic mineral properties seem to countless: resistant, hygienic, versatile, bright, etc. In this sense, the fame that has reached this raw is making quartz to extend its application beyond the work area, since it is also used in the manufacture of sinks and fronts.

Being a compact quartz and be clumps with resins makes it one non-porous surface preventing dirt, oils or liquids can penetrate. It is resistant to stains and dirt, in general. For daily cleaning, with a sponge and a little soapy water, That’s enough.

I hope that after this, your countertops in bathrooms and kitchens and floors of marbles, Granites and compact, shine like mirrors, clean and disinfected.

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