What are your plans? I make two goals: dinner of fish Bari’s Eve and lunch meat Tuscan Christmas Day. But, apart from trips, I can relax. And you? You will have guests for dinner tonight or tomorrow lunch and your house does not yet seem to have taken on the physique durôle? Good. Here lined up some quick and easy ideas to make with a few usually available materials, if not already in your home, stationery or just beyond. And if you have time, you have to keep your kids busy!

ps do not be afraid for tutorials in English: in most cases just follow the pictures!

Let’s start with the easiest… Eh, you not need the tutorial?!

For these lovely paper balls instead the tutorial is on the site www.creativejewishmom.com.

This cardboard reindeer called Rudolph and is achieved by cutting the pattern available on wholesaleably.

How lovely this wad? Well, it is paper. And you can not imagine how easy it is to accomplish. Find out on the tutorial howaboutorange.blogspot.it .

This Christmas ball shaped like a pine cone with recycled maps as you see it? I think the tree next to that little angel would be very good. The tutorial is on the blog www.maryjanesandgaloshes.com.

Simple and beautiful, modern decor in this paper are done in a few simple steps described onwww.designsponge.com.

… Just as this Christmas wreath with paper straws whose tutorial is here.

… And these tickets decorated with beads to those sad and anonymous Christmas packages that you hid behind the tree!

Here there is an obvious waste of plastic, but if you like the idea and I want to challenge themselves in the work with the tutorials you find on www.thatswhatchesaid.net this time you will be forgiven.

For these geometric decorations tutorial with downloadable template is free ofwww.scandinaviandeko.com.

And we close with my favorite: Sea timber (ok, these can not be bought at a stationery!) Painted white (but are also beautiful with their natural patina of salt) nailed to a board and used to hang the decorations and / or gifts.

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