Yesterday we started to talk about how to choose the style of your House, in particular we told you about the importance of your tastes and how had other factors that we should keep in mind when putting them into practice, and we started to talk about each one of them from the outside inward, by the facades and architecture.


Today’s the turn of another important aspect when choosing the style of our House, lighting, that although it would also come within the architecture I have decided to deal separately.

As you know there are styles that are clearly identified with a lot of natural light, for example the minimalism, create a minimalist style house on the interior floor, with no natural light is virtually impossible, for this reason, especially if what we like are styles where natural light predominates (such as the minimalist, colonial or contemporary style) is suitable that you consider the amount of light that you have.

Truth is that some tricks, like which I have given in decoesfera during the summer to fill your House of light are very useful to increase the amount of natural light, or rather, to take advantage of much mjo that which we have, but the truth is that even with tricks, we cannot do miracles.

That is a factor that we must take into account before performing the decorative style to our House, not going to be that we realize hindsight that have not achieved the result we were looking for and be, not because we have not managed to appropriate furniture or textiles, but because we needed an important initial factor.

The location of our House:

Another important aspect to keep in mind when choosing the style of our House, is the place where it is located. Many times you have said the important thing is that our House has a continuity, but this continuity It is not only important on the inside, or with the facade, also with the environment.

In the middle of the city we can get much more out of a House if we opt for contemporary style, in the same way that, in the field remove you much more party if we opt for a country style.

In addition, where we live often is indicative of our lifestyle, that often opt for a style that goes with the location of our House not only helps to get more match, also to be more comfortable, although we can not imagine what.

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