Children’s Room: How to Design it According to their Growth

Our children grow up, changing their character and, above all, their own personal tastes. When it comes time to decorate their room, updating the colors and various decorations, you can find yourself in front of overspending and drudgery.

As a matter of fact that the specific images and colors you love from a child does not reflect the character of a teenager, but fortunately we thought of some interesting ideas on how to design a bedroom according to their child’s growth.

In this way, we can achieve a room that can grow with him.

Furnishings? Yes to those enduring in time

When a child becomes part of our lives, it often leaves enchanted by mobile nice with childlike images and keep, but we must not be deceived.

What we must consider is the purchase of long-lived furniture and proposed again in time.

A decor too juvenile may not fit the child and, for this reason, we will find ourselves in a few stores to make new shop according to its demands.

We rely on furnishings that we keep at home for years to come, perhaps opting for the elements and accessories that are not tailored to the child; with regard to the bed, we choose the one that can become single bed according to the needs, as in the case in which there are guests at home.

Difference styles of pillow cases:

Way clear for multifunctional furniture

Deciding to buy some furniture multifunctional could be the perfect idea to decorate the room of our children, especially when it is a transition room: starting arrival of a baby up to its growth over the years.

It is therefore necessary to think outside the classical changing standards, choosing a desk or a dresser with padded changing.

In doing so, we can use the changing table when needed, but while growing your child will already have a desk ready to use, especially when he begins to attend school and will have many tasks to perform.

Similarly, when we decide to buy a bed, we try to analyze the part below: what does it mean?

If a bed is able to rise up and to contain blankets, toys and other household items, could give more space to the room of our child.

Use a neutral design

Whether female or male that is not matter: when we decide to decorate the bedroom of our children, we must try to maintain a neutral design and that fits to its various stages of growth.

In any design project meets the test of time, or create situations that can last over the years.

Often they opt for coatings against floors and painted furniture.

However, it is more important to choose the capacity of resistance of a particular type of paint that the color itself.

We rely on tones are warm and welcoming, buying classic furniture, finishes and coatings universal when it relates to the floor.

We should also pay attention to the expense, because if you spend so much should be assured that such products do not last long and for a short period of time.

Accessories to give personality to the room

Despite several indications suggested until now, we must not neglect the personality of the bedroom.

We are talking about an area for your children, where they will gain strength, courage and ability to understand.

The accessories should be chosen from the small, according to their interests.

Green light for carpets, special pillows and frames, but tried to keep the clutter to a minimum.

The child will be able to choose at least two ornaments to adorn his room and our task will be to involve him as much as possible in its design: will feel important .

The bedroom of a child is one particular area where he will spend most of his time, so will have to feel protected and safe.

However, you should avoid to indulge every whim and desire, trying to explain all the reasons why some requests are not assecondabili.

useful tips

When we talk about children, we must take account of the fact that nothing is permanent, as they grow.

During the different phases of life will change the favorite food, color, and style fast as the wind.

Consequently, because even the design should not be easily editable?

The most important advice is to adapt to changes without stress or frustration, to reach out to the personality of its small and respecting his tastes: surely the results will be positive.