Chicken Birthday Party Invitations


  1. Chicken Pintadinha Invitations ideas

The Chicken Pintadinha is popular between the kids for some time and because its fun and colorful design, it is always used as the theme of children’s birthday parties.

The theme is so good because it is suitable both for boys and girls’ birthday parties. The name itself makes it sound like the party just for a girl, but when we see other characters like the Roadside Cock, for example, which also has great prominence in the design and the colors are usually used in the theme are blue, white and yellow, we find it is also ideal for a boy’s party.

In this article I will not speak about the decoration itself, but the Chicken Pintadinha invitations. I will give you some ideas for invitations and I’m sure you’ll love it.

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  • The main character is mandatory that the Chicken Pintadinha must appear in the invitation, because if it doesn’t show who’s not so connected in this world of designs hardly will meet other characters, especially the party is for a girl. You can put the chicken or the gang on the invitation and aside put the picture of your daughter along with the data of the party, which is free and on the Internet you can find many templates like this.
  • The photo and the information of the party can be with the white background and for the format, an egg is preferable. All right?!
  • The letters used to put the child’s name are usually yellow and the shape is always used as the slogan Pintadinha Chicken, but it is not a rule and you can use the color which you think is the best.
  • For the birthday party, you can use Chicken Pintadinha and chick yellow at the bottom of the invitation. There’s even a song related to the anniversary, so it’s not hard to find such an image.
  • Other characters that are usually included in the invitations are the chick as said above, the Carijó Rooster, the little butterfly, the giraffe, the frog, the cockroach, the cock or the three chickens that always appear singing the opening song of the drawing. You can also use the children who appear in the midst of the pets in the music; they are very cute and your invitation will even more beautiful.
  • On the Internet you find Chicken Pintadinha invitations templates ready and you only need to print it. But I think you need to pick your own and do it by yourself.

The Chicken Pintadinha is one of the best themes for decorating birthday party, you’ll find absolutely everything you’re looking for which is related to it. It may take hours and even days to find everything you need, but ba patient, and you can find everything you like finally!

I hope this article has helped you to get ideas about your invitation of Chicken Pintadinha. Be creative and make a beautiful and unique invitation!