Ceiling Lamps Kitchen

A layman in decoration usually enlarge the space and focus on colors of walls, maybe frames, but few focus on lighting. If you hire an interior designer, will understand that the choice of light and its ceiling fixtures represent all the difference in your living room to be dark or not, so are extremely important.

The ceiling lamps are one of the finishing touches of decor and atmosphere can be of various types, but must obey the environment above all else. Short ceilings, two square meters for example, cannot receive large fixtures, must compensate, therefore, in the power of light used. Low ceilings should also receive the smaller models.

Lighting fixture with glass or not? The answer is: it depends. The glass is not just there to protect the lamp, but has some functions. One of them is the glass diffuser type, responsible for spreading the light less powerful throughout the environment, a good tip for bathrooms. Already in the kitchen prefers glasses that transmit amplitude and light practically full, thinner, help improve the visualization of space.

If round or square depends on your project, but there are some simple tips for selection. If your decor is advanced, with furniture and accessories with metallic accents and square cuts, prefer the square models. It’s not that anyone looking at the ceiling, but the visual harmony is more enjoyable. Rounded models are for spaces with furniture classics, retro or vintage style or conceptual with rounded cuts on the ends.

Tips to Buy Ceiling Lamps

  • The plastic as choice of product material has its advantages and disadvantages. One of them is non-rusting, great tip for those who live in praieiras areas. However, just dries out in the heat and your investment will be much taller in the exchange.
  • Keep the note and find out if the brand offers warranty. If you encounter problems in use, the lack of screws to open the envelope, go back into the store and ask to return, but you must have a receipt in hand. In case of manufacturing defect, such as a slight twisting or vertical drop, it takes the note and also proper warranty registered product. In most cases the own shop solves your problem. A cool tip is open in the store even after payment to evaluate if all items are present or there is a defect in the delivery desk, if possible.

Where to Buy Cool Ceiling Lamps

Building material stores and finishes for reforms should be their focus of visit during the search. But there are so many options and so many different materials that maybe a would not be enough for a good buy. Our tip is to first take a look at both pictures of our article how to visit sites, decorating projects ready and current trends to decide what your style and what would be best for your purchase.

Online legal sites offering good models that can serve as providing guidance for purchase or order same. The popular Magazine Luiza, Submarino.com.br, PontoFrio.com.br, among others. On eBay, Ebay and there Express you find tons of great stuff too, and only some care to select good material and reliable vendors to ensure delivery and no waste of value.

Ceiling Lamps Prices

The raw material of product and style differ in price, so be very careful when purchasing. You can buy light fixtures from R$20 average quality and durable for an average of two years, but can invest more than R$500 in good products, but with superior durability to 10 years.