You probably already know the LED, but it certainly does not give much value to it. This component had its first appearances in the 60’s and surprised everyone, because until then there was no electronic component that emitted light itself. At first, the LED had few applications because it emitted little light, factor that limited the component the function of power indicator – function that it performs until today in many electronic devices.

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Lighting LED public and communities

Public lighting led represents a significant challenge for communities. Of after ADEME *, the energy consumed by the french public lighting represents 41% of the consumption of electricity for local authorities, 16% of their combined energies and 37% of their electricity consumption.

The most common overconsume energy due to their dilapidated facilities. 40% of public lighting equipment would have more than 20 years. Replace these fixtures with LED lighting would significantly reduce consumption. Read More →

Professional lighting

Stores are now numbered by 100 in the same city. Initially, customers find a storefront. Color trends, a catchy name but also a very nice window will attract the eye of customers.

A showcase is developed by quality products, accessories that allow to know the atmosphere of the store but also attractive lighting. The intensity of the light, the colours used are elements that will capture attention.

It is the same for the inside of the stores. A dynamic brightness did sweep the gaze of customers on displays, shelves, scenarios, props on the outskirts of unions… For many people, makes lighting part in 80% of the sales area. Read More →

Whether with plastic bottles, driftwood or with any object of their choice, these tutorials will teach you to make a personalized lamp, but also a lava lamp.

With a little imagination, it is possible to perform wildest lamps than the other. When you know what system to choose so that it fits on his lamp, just draw a little diagram or sketch integrating the foot, the socket and the Lampshade. And for those who are stuck for ideas, this selection of tutorials gives you some examples of construction and Assembly.

Tips before you start

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The Marina Sand Bay is a resort hotel and casino, facing the Marina of Singapore whose construction would cost near $8 000 000 000. The hotel is made up of three 55-story towers and has 2 561 rooms to 120 000 sqm and a convention centre of 74 000 m². The whole is surmounted by a terrace with the longest infinity pool in the world with a length of 146 m.

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Lighting is one of the neuralgic points of the electrical installation, of course. But know that 10-15% of your electricity consumption (and so your Bill) is due to the lighting position in your home. I’ll show you, how to decrease this expense by using LED bulbs.

What you cost your lighting today:

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LED lighting is perfectly dimmable, provided that you take into account the following points.

Dimmable LED Bulbs

Look first to the product properties of the LED spot or lamp. At the product must be specifically mentioned that the dimmable. Read More →