The cottage table decoration is one of the alternatives available for passionate, simple, delicate and rustic compositions. Recourse to the style to dispose of special meals helps to leave the composition of the table even more charming, organized and striking. Born in France, the cottage style refers to the peasants and the simple life of the countryside, in addition, is easily compared to the Provencal, decorative trend of the same country and that features similar concepts to the cottage.

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The owls arrived with everything in the decoration of houses. Are lovely and give a special touch to the environment.

Besides being super high, it is possible to make beautiful décor in any environment.
Nowadays has everything with this theme so delicate and cheerful: dishcloth, wall stickers, owl curtain, anyway!

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Who said that you to decorate the House for Christmas It did lack spend much money? posts to waste, why not do it in imagination and good arts? With the most unexpected and everyday elements, we can have a craftsman Bethlehem, and what is better still, funny and with a certain air of naive. This Bethlehem made with eggs that we see today is the brainchild of Nerea, as she herself says, with eggs, clay, fabric, patience and care, has been giving shape and personality to each of the characters of the birth. Read More →

Decoration that we see in the picture is more autumnal than Christmas, but it is a good inspiration to get adorn our House at Christmas in an original way, without too much foresight and for very little money.

Replacing the silhouette of the sheet with something more typical of Christmas, as a star, a campaign or a reindeer’s head, and applying a few touches of paint or glaze, white, silver or Golden at the edges (always let show through letters), we can get a nice bauble. It is suitable to protect it with a proper varnish that give more consistency to the role. Read More →

No, certainly this is not a tree, but a Crown. But is that not I resist to show you it again, by way of tribute, when I have come to realize that these are already our third Christmas recicladecoracion. We learned to make this Crown with old fashioned balls two years ago, along with a second way to reuse them camouflaging with wool in the manner of lamps Random Light. Read More →

Perhaps because in my childhood suffered year after year a great Christmas tinsel, multicolored balls, plastic and extreme glare, intoxication to decorate for Christmas, I always incline by Matt, monochrome motifs and natural materials. That there will be anyone who says that what tasteless and I admit, but it is what they have allergies, that once developed, there remain forever. Read More →

If you have an telephone directory old home and you want to give a utility, you can create a small Desk Organizer with several compartments that keep your pencils, colors, and other utensils of stationery as that you see above.

To do this you need: a guide of phones, glue, a brush, scissors, clips, a roll of cardboard (for example of toilet paper) and something that can cut the Guide. Read More →

One of our readers made us arrive the doubt of how change the look to your home unpainted walls, Since she lives rent. The truth is that you insurance is not the only one who is in that situation, either because you are not the owner of the House either by having a limited budget, it has had to give up painting as a solution. Today I want to propose five alternatives to paint that work same for change the look to a room, but even if you put them into practice, remember that more hygienic is to paint the walls regularly (don’t need every year, but every so often). Read More →