Is love the idea to propose something to do during the week, so taking advantage of it’s Saturday and we have leisure time ahead, it would not be bad assemble a model to scale of the Ville Savoye.

During the race, I had the “pleasure” to build many models of own projects and buildings of reference, and although it was always them with the pressure of a delivery, the pleasure I felt seeing her terminated made it worth the effort. Read More →

Today I bring you another interesting project from the internet, a good idea, I have to say, but that part, from my point of view, of course, a wrong base.

The idea is to choose the 10 most beautiful objects in the world and so have a list of 100 objects (which it is not known where they have left) that each Internet user can choose 10, in this way, those who receive most votes at the end, will be sent to the future (so I guess that they refer to the typical box of time). Read More →

Time ago that many were hoping that the useful online application to generate Adobe color palettes would jump to mobile phones, and after advertising for almost two years – in October of 2011- Adobe Kuler is now available for iPhone.

Basically, the mobile version of Kuler will allow us create patterns and color palettes from the photos you take with the camera or load from the album, Google or Flickr. It also has a “live mode”, which creates color palettes from what we see live as we are moving the camera, so we can choose which we like at any time. Read More →

Chair on our floor, step right on his instep them, there are of all shapes and colors … we’re talking about rugs, of course. Gradually, they became an accessory trend inside the House. And so were gradually renovating and innovating in shapes, colors, textures, etc.

Now that gets cold is a good time to talk about rugs. With so much variety is easy to find the perfect rug for your home. But you still will be easier after you read these basic tips that you prepared. Read More →

Since my first contacts with the world of blogs, I remember looking forward to the day when every author released a list with the best links of the week. My heart was jumping for joy and my eyes jumped from one link to another, without stopping.

Not always the readers have time to access the blog daily, and we don’t want you to miss a tip that can leave your house spic-and-span, isn’t it? If you missed any of these posts, do not leave for later and read it now!

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Choosing The Right Cooktop

For a fairly high average purchase price (around 1200 euros), induction electric stoves have many advantages: speed, efficiency, safety. But before deciding, better master the main features of these devices to make the right choice.

 Test Que Choisir: Comparison Electric Induction Cooker 

The principle of induction is simple. The inductor (magnetic field generator) is located under the glass surface when laying on a vessel, it recovers energy from the magnetic field and converts it into heat via its ferromagnetic base. This technology offers certain qualities: power (baking in record time) with the consequent energy savings, plus the flexibility of adjustment. With the “booster”-an overkill option to give a boost – as with the minimum powers, where she works with a few tens of watts only, it is ideal for simmering dishes. Before giving in to the aesthetics of the unit, check the contrast of screen printing (gray on black or stainless sometimes a problem) and know that the oven door mirror does not facilitate monitoring (one sees more his own reflection that the dish cooked) exterior cleaning.

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There are some details that make the bathroom more cozy, elegant and tidy. Those responsible for these attributes are the tops and countertops available in different designs.

For you to understand more about it, we separate the main features of the parts. Write down our tips and enjoy to get your product at the lowest price in the market. Still guarantee the best payment terms. Check it!

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