Check out the elements that will help you to have a decorated bathroom the way you always wanted

Normally, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but no less important. Large or small, decorated bathrooms gain more functionality and organization with choosing the right items to make up the environment. As the place has moisture, you need to take some precautions when it comes to decorating. You can invest in windows to keep the environment fresh and incidence of natural light.

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Multicolor Untwisted Yarn Bath Towel Solid Color Pure Cotton Rectangle Shape

Galzone, Mette Ditmer, Zone, Juna, Naja Munthe, Susanne Schjerning and House Doctor offers everything from bath towels, hand towels and guest towels for bath towels and washcloths – all in fresh and exciting colors!

Some of the individual brands, such as Zone and Juna, offer a whole series of sequences that are ready to take your home. Juna provides, among other things, Juna Tiles and Organic, where Zone offers Juna Zone Basic, Zone, Zone Classic and Zone Organic Confetti. There are so pampered that you can pamper your body and your home from The variety of colors and sizes allows you to have a complete series, where both towels and washcloths fit together, which provides the right calmness in space. Conversely, we give you the free games to play with the colors and combine your very own, unique style in the bathroom, which your friends can only envy. We offer a host of products in materials such as cotton and organic cotton that will give you an enjoyable experience every time!

100-percent Cotton Towel Bath Thicken Design Solid Color Rectangle Shape

Zing the bathroom up with these amazing towels. Towels have great durability and excellent absorption capacity, while the long cotton fibers provide a glossy and nice soft surface. You can mix between the many colors the towel is available.

Available in sizes

Wash cloth 30x30cm
Guest Towel 40x60cm
Alm. towel 50x100cm
Bath towel 70x140cm
Bath sheet 100x150cm

Get greater pleasure from your towels

Bath Towels in Trendy Colors

Before you wash your towels for the first time, you should put them to soak in cold water. Thus improves you hand garment’s absorption capacity.
Avoid using fabric softener when you wash your towels, then softener attaches itself on top of cotton fibers, which impairs the absorption capacity significantly.