Today, within the special cleaning of Decoesfera, Let’s refer to the surfaces of marble, granite or compact that simply pass a waxed cloth is not enough, because that applies a layer of wax on countertops and shelves you end up getting a yellowish, different from the original, and not exactly beautiful appearance. Read More →

About a week ago showed a series of Green bathrooms for you to see the beautiful can be a decoration in green, so took the possibilities that offers us the market about this trend and so you could get ideas for your bathroom.

And how I found several Green bathrooms and if like show you images of environments and decorations to get ideas, I have prepared a new article with new green interiors for the bathroom.

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I hope you enjoy the small selection of original showers for modern bathrooms. I personally sounds like you got some very innovative designs. These are aesthetically and none of them forget the main thing: your functionality.


Innovation has always been the company’s brand Vado. And this has always been accompanied by quality and functionality. And once again leave us a sample of your style with the sensational shower Sculpure. Read More →

We can’t all have at home a bathtub with some of what we’ll see in the sequel. Some cannot by space limitations, others for the price. Anyway, today I will give you the opportunity to at least take a look and decide that what you like or not.


Oval Bathtub Arodese the Jaccuzzi. The acrylic base this bath can be found in a wide range of colors. Its dimensions have 193 cm, width 94 cm in diameter and 62/68 tall. All your faucets is chrome system. If you want more information you can consult the website of the Jacuzzi. Read More →

Webert is an Italian company specialist in taps with over 35 of industry experience of the bathrooms. Today I wanted to give you a small selection of their taps with style so you can see the passion that apply in each of his creations. The line of your design expresses elegance, giving way to a young, modern and emerging design.

There are many features that the taps Webert offer: quality, innovation, elegance, functionality, reliability, accuracy, etc. For these and other reasons Webert is one of the brands of tip in the world of decoration of bathrooms. Read More →

The lofts are special spaces that allow different compositions. So I prepared for you different and unusual showers that think that adapt perfectly to a loft spirit.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a space like that, maybe some of the showers that meet in the continued fits of inspiration for your home.

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As the Dynamic Duo in their songs, the end of the summer came. And with it go the sunny days, the heat, the good temperatures, etc. The cold has not yet come, but will appear. And the best to be prepared is anticipating us to him and get ready as soon as possible for the winter.

One of my favorite sensations of winter showers is to grab the towel and feel like is warm. Passes the ugly real quick. You don’t know what it is? So no more afternoons and install in your bathroom a bath towel heater. Today I will present current design, so you have no excuse not to have.

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The Duravit is a leading company in the sector of bathrooms with a centuries-old tradition of experience on its back. The keys to your success are a continuous innovation, in which the quest for change and renewal are a constant. All this with a quality out of any doubt.

The protagonists of today’s article are your sinks, and for this we have prepared a small selection of their basins, and Scola Bagnella Bacino.

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The Salt is a Spanish company leader in the sector of bathroom decor. In your catalog of products we can find bathroom equipment for all sectors of this space: mirrors, toilets, faucets, accessories, fabrics, showers, bathroom furniture, etc, all of them of a very high quality.

We will talk precisely of the following articles, because what we want to see today are the excellent bathroom furniture the company Brining put at our disposal. For this we will review briefly some of its collections of furniture and Bathroom Cabinets more highlighted. We will speak specifically of the Argos, Cronos and Crete.

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