Is love the idea to propose something to do during the week, so taking advantage of it’s Saturday and we have leisure time ahead, it would not be bad assemble a model to scale of the Ville Savoye.

During the race, I had the “pleasure” to build many models of own projects and buildings of reference, and although it was always them with the pressure of a delivery, the pleasure I felt seeing her terminated made it worth the effort.

My, What more laziness gave me was to prepare all parts. Measure, draw, mark, redrawn, cut, check… a real torture before reaching the most fun part, which was mounting. To build the demo piece by piece, seeing as it gained volume and became a reality in miniature was something that I loved.

Yes, as me, you like to skip the part tedious and methodology of measuring and drawing, are in luck, because You can buy ready-made parts in carton with white finish, ready to be mounted at a fairly reasonable price.

A panel can be purchased for less than 20 euros with parts drawn to scale 1/200, that will just cut, fold and paste according to the instructions. It is also possible to buy the already cut pieces for little more than 30 euros to change and, for the more lazy, to offer the possibility of ordering the model already finished, although that I don’t see the grace.

If you liked the idea, know that In addition to the Ville Savoye, they offer many other iconic works of architecture and engineering ready to be mounted, such as the Golden Gate, the Eiffel Tower or the Parthenon. And if you do not want to order online at their website indicates that they have some distributors in Spain.

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