Whenever I receive echoes of an entrepreneur who fulfills his dream, against wind, tide and economic crisis, investigate and discover new talents like me. This is what has happened to me with this new brand Made in Spain of creation recent in the beautiful region of The Bierzo (for those who do not know it is in Leon), BRZ Wood Design.

Victor Aguado, its creator and craftsman is a self-taught cabinetmaker who has begun introducing its craft lamps in selected shops and design markets.

What we offer BRZ Woos Design? Unique pieces, lamps stand out by the contrast that form its elements. A merger between modern and organic. Minimalist and rustic.

Excellence in craft production, their designs take the beauty of wood, the main protagonist. Hardwood (Cypress, walnut, Sycamore, cherry, oak, elm…) aged by the passage of time, recycled or saved from the fireplace, everything takes advantage, from the cortex to the veins, until their capricious shapes and textures protected with natural oils.

The good news, for whom you are falling for their lamps, is that Victor now plans to extend the brand to artisan furniture design and thus expand their offerings. We can have BRZ Woods Design Designer home furniture.

I liked the careful treatment Victor makes elements. Eco-design. Light bulb, not only reinforces the character of the lamp by its original and disproportionate, sizes also responds to the power consumption Intelligent by his adjustable light that stands out for its warm.

Wood, natural oils, artisan production, original parts, who said that we could not afford to have an original artwork at home? Because for me, these pieces are collector’s don’t you think?

You don’t think that they would be the perfect point for a minimalist lounge, a shabby chic bedroom or an office very sober? BRZ Wood Design leads us to the war of the lighting.

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