Since my first contacts with the world of blogs, I remember looking forward to the day when every author released a list with the best links of the week. My heart was jumping for joy and my eyes jumped from one link to another, without stopping.

Not always the readers have time to access the blog daily, and we don’t want you to miss a tip that can leave your house spic-and-span, isn’t it? If you missed any of these posts, do not leave for later and read it now!

5th Place: Do It Yourself: Little Boxes to Organize Drawers!

I love it when a do-it-yourself inspires readers to put his hand in the cookie jar. I was very happy to see photos of little boxes made by you! The Kamal used the boxes to organize glazes and Karina to organize makeup. Congratulations, girls!

4th Place: How to Turn Ordinary Objects into Decorative Pieces Spending Little

One of the first posts I wrote, with ideas that I’ve been maturing since before creating the blog. The result of the pieces was super nice and made a lot of people in the mood to paint everything!

3rd Place: Organize Your Underwear

This was a great personal achievement. With cheap materials actually, materials that already had at home my underwear drawer won a new face and comes working since then.

2nd Place: 10 Extraordinary forms of Reuse Common Objects

This was one of the most fun to make, to select 10 photos to show you I visited dozens and dozens of fantastic ideas! If you like it and want more posts like this, just let me know.

1st place: Make a Personal Planner and Forget Their Traditional Agenda

This was the post that made me realize that having a blog worth! The first of all and has already reached attracting people through Google searches!

And even though the year is already at full steam, keep getting messages from people who are doing their agendas. That’s a lot of joy!

What was your favorite post so far? Comment here that soon has more post the way you like!

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