Before and After: Living Room in Boho Style

Today I decided to bring a before and after of the interior that I thought was cool because it is not only a change of style, but be able to print the personality of the residents in the decoration.

Before and After Living Room in Boho Style

Designing a space comfortable and enjoyable very much depends on who lives in the space, the architects and interior designers are as “psychologists of the home”, they try to understand how people live, that way it is possible to improve the conviviality and the experience of the family and of the spaces.

This project was a renovation done by the blogger and enthusiast of interiors Megan Pettipoole for the family Whealy, who turned a charming house in 1917, capturing the essence of family with a lot of creativity.

According to Megan: “The old decor did not reflect the vitality and creativity of its residents”.

To represent the family, the style chosen was that of the bohemian (bohemian) – rooted in the gypsy culture, nomadic, and detachment. Style in fashion is called boho-chic.

The choice of decorative pieces was not easy, involving a long search with the family and countless visits to antique shops to choose vintage pieces unique and compose the perfect backdrop for this home.

The time of renewal of the living and dining rooms it took them three months to finalization for full.

The colors chosen for the rooms gave priority to the maximization of natural light and colors that bring more life and warmth to the environments, fleeing the pastel colors.

The furnishings were reconfigured to allow a more appropriate use of spaces, opening up the view from the point of view of the entrance of the residence.

For Megan this partnership allowed him to “participate in a new family, see how they live and create a space where your passions, goals and dreams are to be realized and to flourish.” – says she.