Bed Linen Double

The first accessory that usually goes bound to the double bed is undoubtedly the set of sheets. Everyone, in fact, happen to think to bed in terms of freshness and fragrance of clean sheets. A safe and comfortable place to find refreshment.

The sheets play an important role in this vision of the bed and the room as a place of maximum privacy and relaxation. This is because it is of laundry that not only sees and hits the view, but above all you feel and affects the feel.

The sheets are in close contact with our skin, both winter and summer. The sheets we caress your back and cover the body gently, while accompanying us in a dream world.

The choice of the sheets is, therefore, important at two levels. Both from the point of view of raw material, the fabric which we prefer tap and tap, depending on the seasons; both from the point of view of aesthetic, depending on the decorative result which we intend to achieve in the room with Pillow Latex from

The most demanding hosts are attentive to the choice of sheets even in winter.

Despite being covered by duvets and duvet covers, often there is a need to combine the sheets in tone and subjects portrayed the heavier linens and more visible on the surface.

In the summer , then when the covers vanish, the sheets become the major suit of our bed, which is the tool through which to express our personality and our style.

Flannel or cotton; the plain-colored or multi-colored… it does not matter. What matters is that the sheets are maximally pleasant to touch and highly enjoyable for the view.

In flannel, suitable for the most sensitive to the cold and to the most romantic, the sheets Model Europe Co. INGROS. Tex.

It is a set consisting of: bottom sheet with corners, top sheet and two pillowcases. The dominant color and beige, on which stand out both for the bottom sheet for the above, the fake dreadlocked, in darker brown, printed with art.

The flap of the sheet above is decorated with a series of hearts in fabric, in vintage style. A riot of hearts interesting pillow covers, but with prints, sizes and colors, from each other.

proposed fine and elegant, suitable to bring light in a dominant modern rooms by a rather dark furniture (for example in the wenge wood), playing contrast, or in rooms furnished in country-chic, or a rustic “style but with class”.

For those who love bright colors and picturesque scenery, the ideal solution would be the set of sheets with Planetary Design Co. INGROS. Tex.

It is a cotton set consisting of: bottom sheet, top sheet and two pillowcases. The bottom sheet in blue single color, the top sheet and pillowcases affected by a print on a blue background, reproduces a realistic and bright planetary design.

strong proposal in shades and prints. A set capable of catalyzing the attention on the bed.

Ideal for rooms furnished in modern style and finished with various trendy accessories.

For lovers of tradition, culture and Anglo-American style, eager to breathe a little air from large foreign metropolises, even in your own bedroom, the perfect set of US-UK London linens Co. INGROS. Tex.

It is a complete consisting of: bottom sheet, above and two pillowcases . The two sheets are covered with miniature reproductions of English and American flags; two pillowcases are dedicated one to England, to the other States.

A proposal colorful, distinguished by white and red blue; full of ornamental motifs, including emerging: stars, stripes and crosses; which can also be completed with a duvet cover in combination, with identical patriotic prints.

It is a set that meets the needs of maximum completeness of the most rigorous and demanding hosts.

model that definitely makes a difference in any bedroom furnished in a modern style, in which transpires great attention to the issue of multiculturalism.