The pads are a great decorative item option for homes and apartments, mainly used in environments that have contact with water, like bathrooms and pools, but can be seen in several different environments that give a visual super beautiful and modern.

On decoration of bathrooms are beautiful and pads are used in several different ways. The glass inserts are the most common, but can be also ceramic, and colors used are the most varied possible, has something for everyone.

Decorating Bathrooms with Gum

The blues are one of the most used in the decoration, as well as the greens, and also other colors like black and white, which used together create a beautiful contrast and pleasing.

Other colors of gum plenty used are still the red and beige, but if you want to vary there are colored inserts for all tastes!

The great advantage of the pills is that they can be used creatively to make beautiful and unique environment, and if you need some tips on where to put pills in the bathroom, we can help you with suggestions.

Glass Pads in the Bathroom – Tips

The wall of the countertop or sink is a good place, and if you want to opt for something simpler, can put pads on the edges. Another idea is to put narrow horizontal stripes or wider, according to your taste and your pocket, that can be used in the bathroom or in a wall.

If you want, the same horizontal stripes can be used inside the box, looks great! There are still those who use vertical stripes which start on the wall and across the floor of the bathroom.

Others like to use only tablets in the box, but him. If you have no problem in spending, to be even cooler you can do a strip of a color on a wall with other color inserts.

In choosing the default, you can use all one color tablets, similar tones varying randomly or “splash” a breath in the middle of other color, for example a green in the middle of other white, look super stylish and cute!

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