Bathrooms Decorated 2016: Photos, Tips, Pictures, Inspiration


  1. 12 Tips for Bathrooms Decorated

Several models of bathrooms decorated for you to inspire

It is natural to talk about decorating rooms such as the living room or the bedroom, but many people forget that the other rooms of the house also need attention in the decoration, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Bathrooms decorated can make all the difference in time for you to receive a visit, in the case of the bathroom, or just feel better when I wake up in the morning.

If you have no idea how to decorate your bathroom, however, know that bathrooms decorated ask for much less effort than the room or the room, for example, and all you need is creativity and inspiration.

12 Tips for Bathrooms Decorated

When deciding your bathroom’s decor is to take into consideration such factors as practicality, functionality, budget, available size and decoration of the house overall. So, the bathroom will be one more element of a stunningly decorated house, leaving nothing to be desired in relation to other rooms.

  1. Modernize

Time to decorate your bathroom, run away from decorations dated or too traditional, especially if this is not your style. Even if you like retro decor, look for elements that modernizing the environment, as the mixture of fabrics and different finishes, such as wallpapers, stickers and inserts.

So, you will have a much more flashy and attractive bathroom and that will allow you to explore various options. Here the important thing is to mix, match and harmonise, coming out of the commonplace.

  1. Light Tones Give the Feeling of Relaxation

If you are looking for a sense of relaxation as indicated is that you opt for lighter tones and neutrals, like earth tones, pale or pastel. So, the feeling that the environment will bring will be much more comfortable and quiet.

In addition, light shades are easier to combine with each other, with the furniture and decoration in general, besides giving a sensation of amplitude in the case of small bathrooms. If you want to be sure to get it right, so choose a palette of light shades for your bathroom.

  1. Attention to Local Humidity

Time to decorate the bathroom, however, it is essential to be careful with all the moisture inherent in the environment. Therefore, it is essential to choose items that will resist moisture, such as a wall or floor coating suitable for moisture, for example.

In addition, the wooden furniture should be, preferably, proofed to ensure durability. As for metals, aluminum and stainless steel, guaranteeing resistance.

  1. Take Care of Lighting

As well as the tones used, the lighting has important role in feeling that your bathroom will pass and that the ideal is to bet on an indirect lighting and, more importantly, that is well distributed.

Create small pockets of light over the toilet, as well as use lampshades pendants, for example, helps to create a sense of warmth to the environment, especially if it is less.

  1. Pay Attention to Windows

About lighting, you need to take a care with bathrooms decorated windows, since it can compromise or interfere with your privacy. So, use large windows at strategic points and only if you are sure that your privacy will be maintained.

If this is not possible, however, it is not necessary to give up the natural lighting by using windows, if the right foot is larger.

  1. Bath Gives a Vintage Touch

It is to relax or to be an alternative to the shower, the bath is able to give a vintage touch to your bathroom, combining comfort and beauty. So, you can have a tub made of dishes, like the old, or a tub coated with gum, for example.

Anyway, the tub will be responsible for giving a classic touch to your bathroom, but should not be used in very small spaces under the risk of clutter the environment.

  1. Enhance Natural Elements

Natural elements are always a good choice and would not change as for the decorated bathrooms. So, if it is possible you can invest in a hardwood floor in the drier areas of the bathroom or in a bench with wooden panel, for example.

You can also use decorative plants in your bathroom, bringing nature to really close to you. Plants that fit well in the shade and humidity are ideal to be used in this environment.

  1. You Dare in the Box

If you want a modern decor and full of personality you may want to opt for a box, that escapes from the transparent and simple rectilinear. So, you can choose for a special glass with frosted or applications in oval format, for example. A rounded box is perfect to enjoy the little corner of your bathroom so stylish and different.

You can also turn your existing box using stickers to bathroom, for example, making a new box without having to spend a lot for that.

  1. Choose Double Bench for the Couple

If you live together with someone it is possible that in the morning you are vying for a small space on the sink, being a real fight to open the medicine cabinet or reach the toothpaste.

To avoid stress in the morning a good solution is to opt for a double and single bench. That way, each has its space and the day can start peaceful manner.

  1. Mirrors Make the Bathroom Seem Larger

Using mirrors is not a exclusive bathrooms decorated tip, since you can use mirrors to give a sense of spaciousness in the hall or in your room, for example. So, if you want your bathroom appear larger than it really is, amplifying the sense of comfort, opt for a big mirror, preferably from 1.5m.

If it is not possible to choose a mirror so great, however, you can do a combination of decorative mirrors, creating points of light throughout the room.

  1. Don’t Forget the Decorative Items

The bathroom too can and deserve to have decorative items, for simpler than they are. So, you can leave the shows on a platter their most beautiful perfumes, for example, or choose decorative items such as vases and small knickknacks.

Use decorative items in the bathroom give a much more personal touch to any room, causing the decoration integrates perfectly the whole house.

  1. Organization is Key

For more beautiful than is the color palette of your bathroom or the elements that compose it, the decor of your bathroom will not achieve its full potential if the environment is constantly a mess.

It is therefore important to keep the room as organized as possible without items scattered throughout the place. Let the shows only what you need and store the rest in cabinets and drawers. Always folded towels also make a difference in the environment.

Forget the idea of neglecting the bathroom and bet on tips and inspirations of bathrooms decorated. So, your home will be much more beautiful as a whole, with each room having a little bit of your personality and style. Bet on good items for decoration of the bathroom and see the difference after the decoration.