Bar Home: Ideas to Bring Bohemia into 29 Images

With the growing trend of gourmet spaces indoors, the idea of ​​entertaining friends and family for intimate meetings and home has become even more popular.

It is less than a dining table and more than the coffee table in the living room: the bars are the ideal alternative to welcome your guests in a relaxed way.

We’ve put together this guide some ideas for you no longer need to leave home to enjoy one bar with friends.

The bars in the stands are usually next to the kitchen. The high bar has between 90 cm and 1.10 m high and low around 80 cm. The bar cap may have 40 to 60 cm, regardless of counter top height. How are higher than conventional dining tables, the stools are the ideal seating to accommodate guests with comfort.

The benches are practical and functional not only to receive friends but also to serve as partition environments, separating the living room from the kitchen, for example.

Furthermore, the proximity to the functional area of ​​the house gives a sense of intimacy, since everything is done there and served in the same room with the guests witnessing all the preparation stages of the dish or drinks. Open space in the counter buffer to insert a cook top to further strengthen this close relationship.

The bar decor is largely responsible for the feeling that your environment will pass. Therefore devote attention to it.

An idea for the site has a more informal and relaxed air is leaving the drinks on the counter plus the decorative appeal, friends can be the will to serve the glasses. Use old trays to support bottles and glasses. It helps to keep order on the surface of the bench.

Pending on the counter give a very warm and refined air, but be careful in the lamp of choice: high voltage and emit heat can leave the hot and nasty environment.

Bet on unusual coatings for the body of the bench, the bars are a great opportunity to create a bright spot at home. Do not lose sight of the rest of the decor and highlight the counter according to the visual environment. Check out our complete guide coatings for counter tops here.

The banquettes accompanying the bar can also be a good idea to highlight points. If you choose to leave the counter with a neutral color, pale pinkish gray in tones of seats. They give life to the environment as a whole and to give a more modern look.

But if there is no room for developing a bench in your home, you can opt for practical and unusual alternatives.

Tea carts, for example, can be seen as old parts, outdated or unfashionable but they are great allies if they are used to serve or store beverages.

How often have wheels and are easily transportable, the cart is a practical and charming option to serve well you and your guests anywhere in the home. In stores, you can find different models: the “vintage” give a classic and friendly touch to the environment. The most modern are able to give a refined and sophisticated touch.

When not in use, just place them in the house living environments and watch out for the cars to not become obstacles in the circulation area of ​​your room.

The possibilities are many, just abuse the creativity to compose your desk drinks at home, so you and your friends no longer need to go out to feel relaxed in a bar environment.