Baby Shower Decorated Simple and Cheap with Balloons


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Get inspired in baby showers decorated to make your.

The pregnancy is in the majority of cases a special moment of joy and anxiety for the arrival of a new member to the family. Because of this, there is the concern with the outfit, with the room and the shower. The baby showers decorated are a growing trend for moms, becoming a real event of celebration of the arrival of the baby.

If you don’t know which direction to go or what to do to get a baby shower of dreams, however, all you need to do is get some inspirations in teas of babies decorated so you can create an event to your liking.

The Baby Shower

The baby shower is a more intimate celebration, in which family members and close friends are invited to a party, where they can be served food and drinks, in addition to happen several games with mom.

In addition, the baby shower is also known as diaper and can serve tea to the baby win a few of the many disposable diapers that he will need throughout their first months of life. You can also present the baby with trousseau items, in addition to useful gifts for those responsible for the child, such as baby bottles, pacifiers and similar.

Tips for Baby Showers Decorated

Though baby showers have begun as a small and simple celebration, currently the baby showers are decorated a true fever between mothers and so on time to perform your or a friend know that you can create an event themed and decorated, which will generate beautiful photos that can be shown to the child in the near future.

-Decide the Color Palette

The first step in time to organize a baby shower decorated is the color palette of the decoration, as this will guide all other choices. Most baby showers have to do with the sex of the child, with pink, purple and red for girls and blue for boys. For moms who don’t know the sex of the child it is possible to choose green, yellow, orange or white, for example.

Despite this, the stereotype of colors according to sex is just a convention – for many, considered outdated – that does not need to be necessarily followed by you. The colors should have to do with your personal taste and what you want to convey in your baby shower. Whatever your choice, however, look opt for lighter shades.

– Choose the Theme

Choose the theme is a decision that must be taken along with the choice of the color palette, as are two fundamentally complementary items. So, you should choose a theme that matches the desired color and vice versa.

Baby shower decoration usually consists of delicate items and the decoration theme should be, preferably, in this style.

  • Nature

One of the subjects chosen for the teas of babies is nature, decorated with you and can choose elements such as flowers, clouds or animals like owls, birds and giraffes, for example.

In this case, the elements have finer traits and drawings that adapt to the softness of the decoration of a baby shower.

  • Toys

You can also decorate the shower with elements of toys, like dolls and teddy bears, for example. The atmosphere created by that’s playful decor and helps mother to imagine what will be life after the birth of your baby.

  • Cartoons

It is virtually impossible to talk about the world without citing children’s cartoon characters and even when your child isn’t born yet it is possible to decorate a children’s event with this theme. So, the baby shower decorated can have elements of designs as Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh.

  • Babies

Another strong trend of baby showers today is decorated using babies as main decoration. In these cases, it is possible to view drawings of pacifiers, bottles and babies being brought by the stork. When decorating, moreover, bears the name of the child, it’s almost as if she were attending the party not only inside the belly of the mother.

– Don’t Forget the Tables and Chairs

For as soon as it’s the baby shower, it is important to provide tables and chairs, especially for pregnant women that usually gets tired easily. In addition, the tables and chairs help keep guests comfortable at the time of delivery of the gifts and games, in addition to allowing eat with tranquility.

Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the tables and chairs are also part of the decor and it is important not to overlook that. Use tissues to cover the fluid tables and chairs is a great option to keep all items of decor in harmony and without having to spend a lot.

– Decorate the Food

You do not need to provide a full buffet for their guests and it doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate. Honeys diverse as brigadeiro, little coco and chocolates, for example, are the joy of the guests, as well as small sandwiches, sofas and popcorn bags.

To get a baby shower decorated perfectly, however, it is important to pay attention to the aesthetics of food and for that it is enough that you choose tins of candy to do with the theme or with the colors, in addition to using beautiful trays and well decorated. If you have a slightly larger budget, it is possible to order custom candy, such as lollipops, cookies and cupcakes with the theme of the baby shower, as well as custom stickers to distribute food.

– Cake is not Mandatory

Unlike a birthday party or wedding where a cake is eagerly awaited, baby showers don’t have to be necessarily a decorated cake. If you choose not to use a cake, you can create or order the famous diaper cake, which consists of several disposable diapers aligned and stacked in the shape of a cake.

Already decide for the cake, prefer a cake customized according to the theme of the party, like the ones that use fondant, for example. It will therefore be an element in the table to combine with all the celebration.

– Work on the Goodie Bags

Most of the time, after the baby shower each guest receives a special souvenir to keep and remember forever that moment. If, however, you don’t want to or can’t spend too much is pretty easy to create special gifts for your guests, just buy small cans or plastic bottles and fill them with chocolate or confectionery candies, for example.

Although not a requirement, the souvenir is a way of saying thanks for the presence of those who were at the baby shower, besides helping to decorate the table where they are. Release your imagination and without having to spend too much you will create beautiful souvenirs.

Baby showers are decorated a real craze among pregnant women and you don’t have to sit this one out. With attention to detail and good will, you will create a beautiful and memorable decorations.