If small did you play constructions with Lego, you are in luck because it’s something older you can continue and also very useful results. The Lego pieces they serve not only to play and create fantasy buildings, also they can be used to manufacture practical accessories for the home. We have seen several examples in Decoesfera and today we bring a special key hanger. Read More →

In Decoesfera we love that when Christmas is coming, you will share with us your Christmas decorations, trees, Nativity scenes and ornaments in general and especially those who are most original or made by yourselves. Today I’ve fallen in love of the tree that Bethlehem has done a magazine and whose photo has sent us, do not tell me that I have been you precious. Read More →

Today, within the special cleaning of Decoesfera, Let’s refer to the surfaces of marble, granite or compact that simply pass a waxed cloth is not enough, because that applies a layer of wax on countertops and shelves you end up getting a yellowish, different from the original, and not exactly beautiful appearance. Read More →

Is love the idea to propose something to do during the week, so taking advantage of it’s Saturday and we have leisure time ahead, it would not be bad assemble a model to scale of the Ville Savoye.

During the race, I had the “pleasure” to build many models of own projects and buildings of reference, and although it was always them with the pressure of a delivery, the pleasure I felt seeing her terminated made it worth the effort. Read More →