In Decoesfera don’t rest to offer you the best ideas to make your dinner of New year’s Eve is everything on success. And success and good luck is what promises the tradition to everyone who meets the ritual of eating the Twelve grapes of luck, at the pace that marked the twelve chimes, until you give the new year start.

As for some it is almost a mission impossible (because you do not like the grapes, annoy you nuggets or because it is afraid of choking), let’s try, at least, be something original and different. We invite you to make a attractive container, in the form of cluster, to introduce the grapes on the table. The procedure is very simple and only need, besides a bit of mana, plugs for soda, glue, toilet paper, glue and paint.

First the caps, raceme, stick as shown in the image. Then, using the technique of the paper mache, apply with a brush, toilet paper along with a mixture of glue and water. When we have completely covered with paper caps, we have to allow them to dry about twelve hours, so that the paste hardens and catch consistency.

Finally, painted the cluster with the color that you like. The Green seems the more successful, although it would not be bad in Gold or silver, colors traditionally associated with the festivities and celebrations. To top it off, you can be added to the cluster a small tail, with the same technique of paper mâché. What do you think? I don’t know if everyone will eat the grapes, but sure that your presentation will be very held.

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