For a while now, I’ve been designing a series of posters which are thematic perspective, so I have researched much on geometry and perspective games, but never would have occurred to me design and construct a three-dimensional optical illusion to hang.

Certainly the effect on the wall is really striking. At times, seems an object with volume, taking shape and decide to escape to the inside of the room, creating a black cage that traps the space.

However, it is only an optical effect, a game perspective. Indeed, according to how look it it, bucket that recreates our minds seems to be placed in different positions, because it is painted all black and not we are able to distinguish which line is which passes over the other.

Although it seems a bit complicated to carry out, it really is a really simple process, as explains it and illustrates Kate Pruitt, who I’m going to take leave to interpret and translate, if you fancy them to do a bit of craft this weekend.

The materials that we need they are as follows:

  • Balsa wood (4 pieces of 2, 5cm wide, 90cm long and 3mm thick)
  • Glue (the best for the balsa wood is contact tail, although they have used glue gun)
  • A ruler, a pencil and a knife or blade
  • Brush and black paint for wood
  • Tacos and hooks to hang (with two of each, enough)

The first thing is measure and cut pieces of balsa wood. The right thing is cut in a proportion of one to two, i.e., that a 90-cm-piece, we get 60 cm and 30 cm (2/3 and 1/3 respectively), so we will make sure that the effect of perspective is appropriate.

Then, we will make a reconsideration of how it should be the figure. It is important to decide at this time which parts iran ahead and behind. The order which has been followed is: to the bottom verticals, in half the diagonals and above all the horizontal, which guarantees some corners as clean as possible.

At this point, touch, take the knife, measuring and cut the ends of the diagonal pieces, that they protrude and spoil the perception of the whole. Once cut, we started to join the corners slowly and with much precision.

I have noticed, that in the design they have maintained a coherence from the perspective, in such a way that all the bars are well ordered (placed front or back) as a way of seeing the cube. But if for example, put the top bar left, instead of at the front, in the background, achieve a more disconcerting illusion, since the lines overlap without a logical order.

Once we have our list geometric shape, we began to Paint black -with another color, shadows, more would be spoiling the effect – always on a fabric that protects our soil, also painting the edges and avoiding leaving brush marks.

Finally, leave dry time and after to hang. The key here is that part is not fully attached to the wall, but it separates a few centimetres, and thus project shadow, increasing the visual confusion and the three-dimensional effect. The ideal is to use a pair of long hooks, which we will anchor to the wall with anchors (for example, 6), and on them directly support our shiny creation.

Now they just take a few steps back, put arms into jar, tilt slightly and admire the well that is our three-dimensional optical illusion hanging on the wall. Without a doubt, direct to the list of things to do for my new House.

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