If small did you play constructions with Lego, you are in luck because it’s something older you can continue and also very useful results. The Lego pieces they serve not only to play and create fantasy buildings, also they can be used to manufacture practical accessories for the home. We have seen several examples in Decoesfera and today we bring a special key hanger.

Clear that to make this accessory We need a key piece, the blue that you see in the photo and that has the hole that we will use to place the ring with the key. According to account Kate, so the author of the project is called, is the piece with number 3176, remember the figure, because without that piece you can get keys Lego hanger to be functional. And also if you want you can decorate the hook a bit more, let’s see as.

Clearly this hanger lacked a stormtrooper who watch us the key in question while we have it hanging, is the detail freak who was missing so that the attachment is completely perfect. If you are clueless with your keys and you like LEGO and the stormtroopers, you know what you must put on the wall of the entrance of your House.

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