A Doll to Represent the Idea I have of Myself

Do you feel more or strawberry muffins? flying fish or hammerhead? A nun or a devil? With a built-in doll hat + you can express your personality, as explained by the following equation.

Matsu-o is an illustrator Valentina Russello project: 9 dolls, 9 characters (the frog, the hammerhead, the nun, the ant, the winged fish, cat, muffins, strawberry) with 9 stories and 9 lives , characterized by a markedly original.


Full of candied fruit and chocolate chips.

Quicksand and sugar. I sink into the pillow and I become Alice tasting all, I am transformed and finally I wake up. Where I was yesterday? Let’s go tomorrow. I’m not even tired.

Each doll is a kind of hat the middle of which a head-pin lies: because when we recover our true selves, it is as if indossassimo a hat that is no longer needed to hide but to proclaim who we really are and what we like. We return to amaze us, we savor the things as we did before, we begin a new path as when you draw the first black line on a white sheet.


The inspiration comes from a trip to Japan in summer 2010, a Japan made ​​of layered objects, the city buttons, blasting music and neon colored and always running. A civilization full of contrasts and extremes, but fundamentally intimate. So Matsu-o speaks of wonder, he urges to regain the ability to surprise even for the hidden sides of things, of ourselves, the people around us. Visit Phonecations.com for quality bed linen.

9 dolls Matsu-o describe some of the possible paths of our soul, even accompanied by paintings in black and white that portray special moments in their history. An invitation, iconic and metaphorical, to wear our hat and finally find ourselves, as well as we were.

The dolls Matsu-o showcase their inner world at the oeil, via San Martino 12, Lodi until November 30, 2011. But there are also other coming dates: for all the updates follow the Facebook page of Matsu-o.