8 New Design and Decoration

The design curation does not tire of seeking the best products and stores for you to take quality and tasteful decor home.

To enter in 2016 with the right foot, check the 8 news you already find in our online store:

Office Del Papa

The workshop with 4 years of activity is driven by the business administrator and joiner Felipe Del Papa, which manufactures all products in solid wood and unique way, from the idealization of the project to the final finish of the piece.

The focus is on simple and elegant design that enhances the final product and the wood used in production. In addition to durable, the furniture and objects are made in small series, ensuring attention to detail and fittings and finish of each piece produced.

In addition to lamps and nightstand very different, the workshop also invests in parts for food lovers, like cutting boards, ideal for meats and cheeses and support for beers.

Galatea Home

If you are inspired by a decor that balances the classic and the modern, the furniture of Galatea are made for your home. They are racks, sofas, tables, chairs and buffets with minimalist design, well-defined shapes and varied colors, that fit into any ambient style.

All products value the quality, durability and comfort, especially the sofa blow, with cushions and backrest that mold to the body and are a real invitation to relax and enjoy the home


The ShopDesign works with unique and minimalist design of products, ranging from the classic Eames chairs until Allegra colored. The colors of the furnishings are varied, pleasing those who prefer more sober colors and those who enjoy a colorful and unconventional environment.

Mirabile Decor & Design

With fun products and Pop style, the articles Mirabile are signed by designers from all over Brazil and are part of unique collections. The aim is to make a unique design and quality accessible to all at a fair price, and give visibility to professionals in the country through careful curation.

They are vases, pillows, rugs handloom and even fixtures that offer personality and life to any space.

Break Model

Created by architect Sequeira Márcio de Oliveira, Spring is a modular kit of parts that simulate the behavior of architectural structures. Made for architects, engineers, students, and teachers, spring behavior is very similar to a real building, allowing understand various structural situations.

The project was the record holder Catharsis and collected approximately R $ 600 thousand during the collective funding period. Choose one of the kits below and take the opportunity to book yours. The pre-sale has started and deliveries take place in March.

Rahyja Afrange

After a course of Furniture Design in Denmark, architect Rahyja Afrange created his own studio in Sao Paulo, where it produces with care and quality decorative items and furniture. Everything is designed with simple and durable materials, and unique aesthetic is the great artist’s  work gap.

If you are looking conceptual, durable and functional design for your home, Rahyja products will surprise you.

Pop Decor

Fun and charming, Pop Decor’s products are ideal for those who enjoy a personalized and different decor. Are frames, vases, cushions, ottomans and items for the kitchen that pass through pop, retro, minimalist Provencal, regardless of its style, it is impossible for you not fall in love right away for something.

Here in the website, we are spread fans tea shaped pug, French Bulldog Geometrical and Salt and Pepper Shaker Kit form of elephants (someone here is kind of obsessed with animals).

Plug Decor

The architecture student Ana Paula Pereira and his father Joseph Anselmo Pereira came together to create the Plug Decor Studio, which produces handcrafted lamps with original design, natural materials and careful finish.

The Lume model is a fixture folding table, based on natural stone or lacquered glass and dome of various colors. Already AGAGE lamp has simple design and an innovative interactive drive system tilt – just turn the lamp and the light is activated.

I had no better way to start the year, right? Check out the complete online store and be sure to take our new decoration home.