7 Environments with Unusual Color Palettes That Have Worked

The world of decoration and interior design is full of rules about what can and what can not within an environment and usually these standards even ensure that our space is visually pleasing.

But if the ideal is that our house is decorated according to our personality, often these rules leave no indoor space with our face.

Therefore, the website met 7 environments with decorations and unusual color palettes to encourage you to dare when designing the interior of your home.

In the above environment, the mixture decoration not only hues but also the patterns and shapes. Notice how bright and distinct colors predominate in harmoniously room, the yellow wall, dark blue carpet and red sink and chairs coexist perfectly well.

The straight lines of the TV bench, kitchen and sofa are broken with the circularity of the chairs, colorful cushions and coffee table. Textures and patterns, see how to mix diversity pouf of prints with the geometric pattern of the kitchen counter is a good idea. An environment full of personality and great taste.

What draws more attention in the decoration of this room is the contrast: colors and different styles of decoration.

Purple wall and the red of refrigerators form a great contrast, but it is not uncomfortable to the eye.The above helps to compose the proportionality of the room and smooths a little the choice of setting tones.

Vintage wallpaper in the right part of the image also causes a contrast to the bench made of skateboards: modern and classic in perfect harmony.

In this room, and mixing strong shades of blue with yellow, the decorative items are very unusual and different textures.

The floor, for example, draws a lot of attention not to use common coatings for indoor applications: wood decking lining the room and in the center, ceramic pieces, which are usually used to coat walls and kitchen counter tops, give color and movement into space.

The panel with illustrations for the Brazilian northeast dialogue directly with the texture of the chairs and table support. However, we note that these more rustic materials coexist with modern kitchen devices: oven and other appliances.

In this environment, the choice of colors was very bold, and yet, very tasteful. A prominent orange wall contrasting with black objects give a personality touch in space.

The other environmental colors come in decorative objects: they could not be so relevant, but the chosen tones do not pass unnoticed even they are in small items in the room. The pads and the plant are the most relevant: shades of green, purple and red finish coloring the site.

In this room, the watchword is “unusual”. In addition to the color mix, the decorative objects have their initial functions challenged.

The wall, the sofa and the carpet mix shades of gray. The neutrality of color allows decorative items vary color. Colorful and geometric patterns pads coloring site along with the pictures. The red lamp stands out in the middle of a small green carpet that simulates grass.

But the most interesting room is that the chairs were used as shelves.  That’s right: two yellow chairs were suspended and arrested on the wall. They are also largely responsible for the colors of the environment.

This environment is extremely sophisticated, beautiful, cozy and makes use of strong and bold colors.

Black columns and chair introduces the color palette of the site, which gives space for the appearance of wallpaper purple.

Purple and yellow are complementary colors and therefore tend to harmonize well when together in the same environment (if you do not know what they are complementary colors and how to combine them, we regard you here ).

The white furniture softens as certain coexistence of the three colors on site.

In this room, the boldness of colors is a little shy but still remarkable. The environment of soft colors come to life and movement with small dots in bright colors.

The color palette that goes from gray to lilac of furniture of decorative vases is gently interrupted with shades of green of the frames arranged on the wall. In addition, a large picture on the side wall colors the room with a very strong blue tone.

Break with common sense and make their own choices for your home decor can offer a much better result and more satisfying. An environment with your face is what will you comfort and the feeling of belonging that location.