Yesterday, I told you 5 tips to eliminate the mess effectively. Who then put his hand in the cookie jar and started to clean the cabinets? Isn’t it?! Well, not that I’ve done with the mess, but I started. Just arrived 1 hour in that I didn’t know what else I could delete and the wardrobe was still overcrowded. For you to understand the situation, If my wardrobe was a planet, would be starting the quest to populate MarsIf you discouraged right now and, like me, need inspiration, this post is for you! Are you ready?

This list may seem without head or tail, but some great ideas and laughs you will get out of here!

  1. The left side of a pair of lost earrings
  2. Receipts and old invoices
  3. Pierced socks
  4. Underwear elastic
  5. Old magazines
  6. CDs (music and software)
  7. Old t-shirts or propaganda
  8. Business cards or that have no sentimental value
  9. Old shoes and uncomfortable
  10. Small clothes
  11. Large clothes
  12. Gifts you don’t like
  13. Towels (you don’t need more than 2 or 3)
  14. Games sheets (you don’t need more than 2 or 3)
  15. Shampoo and soap hotel
  16. Cosmetics that you used and did not approve
  17. Dried or hardened nail polish
  18. Toys that your pet does not play
  19. DVDs that you don’t watch
  20. Books that you do not have the intention of re-reading (give the chance to someone else)
  21. Bills that have passed the period you must keep them
  22. Damaged clothes that do not have repair
  23. Hair elastics that no longer hold the lock
  24. Outdated electronics
  25. Party dresses from the ‘ 80 (and 90, and 2000 …)
  26. Swimwear laceadas
  27. Pens that do not write
  28. Socks shreds
  29. Nonstick cookware that are no longer so non-stick so
  30. Jewelry with damaged parts
  31. Wedding invitations
  32. Bags that you don’t use
  33. Old pillows
  34. Kitchen equipment in poor condition (medium conditions to be considered for disposal)
  35. Old matches
  36. Open hair clips
  37. Advertising brochures (travel, supermarkets, shops)
  38. Crayons, markers, dirty and old paints
  39. Glasses, bottles and jars that are rarely used
  40. Batteries (remember to dispose in the correct locations)
  41. Expired spices
  42. Envelopes torn
  43. Notebooks and diaries used
  44. Ribbons, bows and gift papers dents
  45. Excess market bags
  46. Fridge magnets
  47. Old uniforms
  48. Broken Christmas decorations
  49. Hangers (if the surplus is not enough, remove clothing items)
  50. Teaching materials that you never use again

Identified something or more in your house? We can recycle, get to work! But don’t put anything aside and wait for the day that it will be useful again, this is an excellent way of creating a mess even bigger!

And never, never, never forget: donating is always a great option for the items in good condition! It does not cease to be a way to recycle with much love!

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