30 Models of Toilets of Inspiration!

Check out below a selection of designs of small bathrooms, modern bathrooms with inserts and also with wallpaper.

30 Models of Toilets of Inspiration!

Models of Small Bathrooms

Who said not to use dark colors in small bathrooms? The full length mirror, narrow and long, in the photo below received dark walls in contrast with the background on which the wall was coated sticker with an image in perspective with a vanishing point that directs the eye. The floor of the bathroom, probably a porcelain tile mimicking wood, also won a drawing that sequence to the deck of the image. In this way, this small bathroom has gained another dimension, creating an illusion of continuity in space.Another interesting detail is the lighting under the plaster, just about the design that gives the impression that it is the light of the sun illuminating the clouds.

The same thing was done in the other bathroom the strait, this time with a detail more urban, with an image in perspective from a train station. The toilet paper, an essential item in the bathroom was used as part of the decoration of the bathroom, placed in a niche of MDF embedded in the wall. The only detail that undermines a little bit the feeling of comfort in this bathroom are the multiple vertical elements, the narrow mirror and tall, narrow niche and high and own background image. As the foot-right of the full length mirror is high, it is visually disproportionate.Perhaps, if only the background shows that the verticality and the other elements were horizontal, on the same horizon line of the vanishing point, the feel of the space would be a little more pleasant.

Light colors favor the feeling of spaciousness of the environment, but abuse of white can create environments without grace.

In this small bathroom below, the floor design, the direction of the pieces of porcelain, which were slightly displaced from each other and put in the direction of the shortest dimension of the bathroom help create a dynamic look, of movement and at the same time, by extending visually the bathroom.Two details caught my attention in this model of bathroom niche built into the inside of the box, where are the shampos, and the drain linear that it is almost unnoticeable along the wall of the background of this image, so the “fallen” of the floor of the bathroom is to the funds, and therefore dismisses the rail of the box, leaving the bathroom with a cleaner look.

The drain linear is a novelty in the construction market, is a model of drain that is hidden on the floor or has a channel discreet.

Models of Modern Bathrooms

A new trend of modern bathrooms are the showers of the ceiling, which do not represent any technological innovation, but no doubt they are more elegant, such as this model below, embedded in a lining of wood.

The model of the bathroom above is very interesting, notice that he is in a corridor, and immediately in front of the shower is the bath overlooking a japanese garden. The doors tabs also have lines oriental. The combination of the coatings has a palette of natural colors and neutral.

Above another bathroom with contemporary lines, the same porcelain tile that lines the floor, also lining the wall to the bottom of the bathroom, creating a continuity, even more with the contrast of the white walls. Again in this bathroom the drain is linear, only that in this case is hidden on the floor of the bathroom. The bench suspended the sink extends to the mirror, where it was built-in the wall-mounted faucet. And formed a protection from the splashing of the water in the mirror.

This bathroom above is a luxury, with the inspirations of the byzantines, the inserts form mosaics with compositions of geometric. Notice that in addition to the showers, ceiling and wall, douradíssimos, there are several other showers directional on the wall, or it is a room, a complete bathroom, including a sauna included. So the ceiling is quite high and has a bank done in their own masonry.

Remember that washed from the second image, that I said that I could have more control of the horizontal, then this bathroom nailed it completely. Despite being a bathroom high, the track just below the ceiling reduce this feeling of spaciousness, bringing the bathroom to the human scale.

Models of Toilets with Inserts

And speaking of toilets with tablets, this template below is beautiful, with an air of cleanliness and freshness. The pads clear coat the walls, the niche in the wall and down to the floor. Even though it is nearly all white, the pads are a hodge-podge of various shades between white and light gray. That was a tone-on-tone with the furniture and sanitary ware all white. And to contrast well with the floor of the box is wood, hiding the drain and remembering a carpeted area outside.

The highlight of this bathroom decorated with inserts is the joinery, with a closet sized.

This other bathroom decorated opted for inserts larger and with more color contrast. It is a bathroom of the beach, and that brings a bit of those tones of sand and sea shells. As is a large bathroom, the inserts are chosen have brought an interesting motion, already in a small bathroom these same inserts would not be legal in all the walls.

Models of Bathrooms with wallpaper

Who says you can’t use wallpaper in the bathroom? See these models of bathrooms with wallpaper, beautiful.

Has no problem to use the wallpapers in the bathroom since in the dry areas. It is the case of this modern bathroom with inspirations oriental article, which received wall paper, floral wallpaper, beige, the same being the wall of the sink. Of course, the architect or designer that designed this bathroom took care to protect the wall behind the tub.

Oh… and this bathroom was fluffy coated newspaper, very beautiful and eclectic, in addition to this antique cabinet that was used in the place of the cabinet for traditional bathroom, and has won a pia turquoise. Impossible not to fall in love!

Of course, apply the paper on the wall, like this newspaper, requires waterproofing, which can be made with white glue.

And what did you think of this bathroom?

Coated with black ceramic, with the role of the eastern wall with details in copper and plumbing will be shows in the covers to leave the bathroom, dark still. Including the ducts of the enlightenment are visible, and are also acobreados.

Pictures of Bathrooms

It is now with 30 models bathrooms selected, with various styles and sizes.