23 Tips on How to Decorate My House Easy and Cheap

Decorate your home spending less is something possible, and that can bring great fun and personal satisfaction. Through projects of decor, do-it-yourself, you can use old items, giving them a new face, reusing what you already have and creating a new appearance and refreshing.You can learn how to identify great possibilities of decoration, making your House look out of a magazine!

When the decorating project requires spend little, it’s important to let the creativity shine, so that the best ideas can gain body. Make a decorating project on their own can also be a lot of fun and bring satisfaction, because the result depends only on your willingness and dedication. And this can all be done away with their savings, as a beautiful and striking decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune – how about she cost little or not cost anything? Check out some craft and decorating tips that will bring to your home a new man costing little or not cost even a penny!

Tips on How to Decorate My House

  1. Organize and clean the house should be the first step in any decorating project;
  2. It is interesting to define a maximum budget and follow it until the end.
  3. Ask for help to friends or family in the choice of the changes is also interesting because different opinions can bring do see possibilities hitherto perceived.
  4. Trade furniture and decor items to place or even comfortable can also be a way to reset the face of an environment. So you create new decorations without spending anything!
  5. Search for redecorating a room at a time. Anything below start and not finish projects 1001 no, isn’t it?
  6. Search also set a maximum time that will be spent on your project. So you will be able to maintain the initial goal and also maintain your budget.
  7. Recycled or removed items are high. You can search for ideas of furniture and decorative items made from materials that would otherwise be discarded, like wood, bottles and other recyclable items. Pallets also give great furniture and can be found at low cost or even for free.
  8. If you have decorations that you don’t like or don’t want, a good option is to sell or give away, making room for new items and new ideas.
  9. Use pictures and paintings to give a new face to your house. Frames with floral motifs and seals are great for decorating halls and rooms. Bet on creativity and good taste.
  10. Painting or varnishing antique furniture can be the difference between a boring environment and another full of life. If you have mobile little vibrant colors, can be a good idea to paint them.
  11. To create paint designs, opt for neutral colors, which will give a sense of sophistication and class to their environments.
  12. They say that the first impression is the one, so it’s interesting to pay attention to the details like doors, doorknobs and mailboxes.
  13. You can make decorative pillows and ottomans with reused materials, such as pillows and old bedding. It is relaxed and allows various types of different decoration.
  14. Beautiful plants and well cared for can bring harmony to the decor of a room. Station flowers are also a good option.
  15. Use adhesive paper as an alternative to painting furniture can be an interesting choice, especially in the case of allergic people or young children.
  16. You can make stencils personalized with themes like, needing only cardboard, stylus and ink. It is a great way to redecorate a room or old mobile and give them a new look.
  17. Small frames or photo murals have a relaxed atmosphere and can also make a room more familiar and cozy. Make themed murals can also be cool, grouping photos of trips or places in common.
  18. Message boards or multipurpose whiteboards can be useful and fun at the same time, allowing transmit important messages and also give a more relaxed environment. The most recommended are the kitchen, children’s rooms and the entrance hall.
  19. Use plants and small trees to decorate around the house. You can also use small seedlings of flowers to break visual urban.
  20. Instead of buying a new and expensive sofa or chair, you can choose to buy or even make a cover for them. Use colors that match your decor or even flashy colors, which give prominence to the news.
  21. The internet is a great place to pick up new ideas, so decorating and craft sites should be part of their projects, allowing you to find new ideas and new ways to transform their environments.
  22. Bazaars, thrift stores and secondhand items fairs can be the difference between a bland decor and a full of style and elegance. You can find amazing things and they cost little.
  23. When buying new pieces of decoration, avoid buying just for the price, be it high or low. Evaluate if the new addition combines with the decor that you plan to make or if you really liked that play.

With these tips and investing in creativity and innovation, you will be able to decorate or redecorate your house spending little and with results worthy of decorating magazines. And the best: made by you.