There are at least one in almost any Spanish quarter framed tent more or less cheap. The idea is to bring you the picture or photo and they frame it with the model you choose. This business is finally on the Internet and is a great opportunity for apovechar not only framing but to download the photos have a hard drive and you will never see the light. Read More →

Last week was the Zara Home application for iPhone We tasted, this time he has had the shift to the of IKEA, and I say them, because in fact IKEA has several, if you seek in the Apple Store will find hand catalogue full, but adapted to the mobile screen and on the other hand the interactive catalogue, which is the most interesting and innovative application. Read More →

You don’t know how long I was resisting me to Twitter, Yes to what make me an account, if often roll, if you don’t like me… At the end I succumbed to the faith of the convert, I use it daily, and through this social network I am aware, among other things, lots of news that generate contacts. In this way I have known Homing, a website where we can find and buy online furniture and appliances from known brands. Read More →

Some days ago we reported from Inditex About what Zara Home It had created its mobile application, is available in versions for iPhone, Android, Windows Mob, Nokia and Blackberry, the idea is to allow us as users access to the News they arrive daily to their tents and facilitate the buy on-line. Read More →

If you are thinking in Paint the House, surely you will be resulting complicated the task of picking the colors, many years ago the rooms were painted different colors, after several decades the colours such as white and ivory whole House, were imposed but now we have complicated it a little more and we got not even painting all the walls of a room the same color. Read More →

Perhaps you think that already not we would find more Virtual Decorators, that already the had seen all, because actually the opposite is true, there are many still to try, to see and analyze and many companies are still developing more for us increasingly incorporating more News, so, what better way to start the new year thinking in possibilities for reforming the House, by the way… Happy 2010 to todosy all. Read More →

I’m devoting part of my time to one of my favorite entertainment, the Virtual Decorators, analyzing the functions of ones and others to recommend you the most useful and expose you its advantages and disadvantages, today I focused on the Decorator of Bali, a firm that specialized in the design and sale of curtains and blinds, still provides us a virtual application with many more options. Read More →

We are still finding programs Online that we can help in choosing the decoration for our House, this time an application to make combinations of painting on the walls, contemplating the option of playing with sockets and borders, mixing our personal opinion with the advice of an expert that we chose a tone and is program gives us several pallets complete well coordinated, created from the same. Read More →

When I was taught it gave no credit, since the iPhone could choose the image of a lamp, set its size to the space where will want to place it and take a picture of the whole. So you could know how certain furniture would be even before they see them in the store. And I I am very impressionable stayed a while with their mouths open. The invention is part of the Interactive catalogue from Ikea, an application for Apple’s exclusive phone. Read More →

In WeblogsSL believe that we are at a particularly delicate moment with regard to the development of the internet in Spain. The project of law of sustainable economy has surprised us a large group of citizens, companies and organizations that we know, we build and we love the internet so much value is contributing to our society. Some of the changes that have been included in this project can transform it and opened the period with fewer rights for citizens, less privacy and less freedom of expression, and with great uncertainty for companies who work in it. We can find some analysis of these changes in hanging, El Blog Salmón, 21 journalists, chocolate, public, Enrique Dans or El Pais. Read More →