A couple of years ago I decided to do a Bethlehem inside an old box of wine, that in every cleaning of the storage room you begged me that not he take it, under the promise that one day I would be useful. And it turned out to be true.

All Christmas composed a small birth in one of the shelves in the living room, but since my cats came to give more tenderness to my life, the Bethlehem became a landscape of war. Read More →

Winter is upon us, in one week we will go full on it but it seems that snow wanted to go out to greet him. If you are one of them that not they can spend more in heating, today I want to encourage you to save a few dinerillos by heating the home by the oldest tricks: isolate it. Is the course that has already made all possible works, so the tracks that I am going to give today are as simple as moving the furniture so is retained better indoor temperature. We are going to do this: Read More →

Oh, the crisis, always the crisis. We need to save, but we can not give up the coolest design. Without going any further, on Friday I went to my favorite decoration shop to buy a few wreaths for my miniarbol of Christmas (my cat has already nibbled) of red and gold, which are very nice. Nothing less than three euros I was asked by the aforementioned garlands that ultimately measure the same thing myself: and a half. Read More →

After five months of intense work Habitissimo launches Habitissimo Pros, the first APP of the brand oriented professionals works and reforms at home. New technologies have gained great importance in our every day at all levels, and is for this reason that there are more great brands that adapt their services to mobile devices with the aim of facilitating the processes and outcomes. Read More →

Normally no me mojo much when I write articles, only speak of the things that I like to avoid having to speak evil and when I like something I’ll shut up, because the silence than a criticism which can always do some damage seems best to me. But today, After having written 7 posts on decorative Black Friday in 2 days and having looked and Remiro promos, a lot of shops of decoration, for this weekend, I’m going to get wet, and I say what has been for my the best and why. Read More →