One of the things I like best about the internet is the closer you put the rest of the world and the possibilities that it offers you to discover new things. And today the network gave me the opportunity to meet an English shop that sells rugs and ethnic Bohemian style great. I couldn’t resist the temptation to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as the style of Urban Outfitter. Read More →

The Natural energy collection consists of a coated wooden floors created thinking in the well-being of people and sustainable consumption. If you want to enter in your home a natural touch with the very current look, these coatings are you were looking for.

The collection comes from the collaboration of two heavyweights. On the one hand we have a leader in the manufacturing of parquet as Hervás. On the other hand is the work of designer aware Barcelona Joan Lao. The Result? A series of parquets in that if handled strictly down to the smallest detail. Read More →

Unfortunately for those that we enjoy the Sun and the good weather, comes the winter and cold. And with them come the alternatives to fight them at home. And one of the best ways of doing so is by covering the floor with carpets.

And is that often we don’t realize the amount of heat that is lost through the floor of the houses, but advance that great loss. Why opt for an economic and efficient solution as are carpets is a great alternative. Read More →

About a week ago showed a series of Green bathrooms for you to see the beautiful can be a decoration in green, so took the possibilities that offers us the market about this trend and so you could get ideas for your bathroom.

And how I found several Green bathrooms and if like show you images of environments and decorations to get ideas, I have prepared a new article with new green interiors for the bathroom.

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The bathroom to be a space where we manage and where we occupy so much of our body as our head, should pass rest and well-being. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover of long, relaxing bath or quick showers; our bathroom should transmit primarily harmony.

The colors that we should choose for our bathroom Feng Shui are generally pastels (Pinks, green, blue) or neutral (cream, ochre, yellow), but you should know that you can play with contrasts of darker colors in accessories and small details. Anything is possible as long as these contrasts respond to your aspirations and while continue to feel well in housing.

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I hope you enjoy the small selection of original showers for modern bathrooms. I personally sounds like you got some very innovative designs. These are aesthetically and none of them forget the main thing: your functionality.


Innovation has always been the company’s brand Vado. And this has always been accompanied by quality and functionality. And once again leave us a sample of your style with the sensational shower Sculpure. Read More →

We can’t all have at home a bathtub with some of what we’ll see in the sequel. Some cannot by space limitations, others for the price. Anyway, today I will give you the opportunity to at least take a look and decide that what you like or not.


Oval Bathtub Arodese the Jaccuzzi. The acrylic base this bath can be found in a wide range of colors. Its dimensions have 193 cm, width 94 cm in diameter and 62/68 tall. All your faucets is chrome system. If you want more information you can consult the website of the Jacuzzi. Read More →

Stickers or decorative vinyls each time are more fashionable and little by little they’re invading the inside of our homes. The advantage of these vinyls is that with little money and a suitable design can give a renewed air anywhere. And today I want to show you some very nice stickers of the British company Hu2, experts in this sector.

On the page of Hu2 found a lot of vinyl designs for the different parts of the House and of different themes, but I prepared a small selection of stickers more deployed to the bathroom. I hope this is to your satisfaction.

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Webert is an Italian company specialist in taps with over 35 of industry experience of the bathrooms. Today I wanted to give you a small selection of their taps with style so you can see the passion that apply in each of his creations. The line of your design expresses elegance, giving way to a young, modern and emerging design.

There are many features that the taps Webert offer: quality, innovation, elegance, functionality, reliability, accuracy, etc. For these and other reasons Webert is one of the brands of tip in the world of decoration of bathrooms. Read More →