Straight lines, simple shapes, neutral colors, bright and wide spaces: the Scandinavian style blend sophistication and functionality, and immediate reference when it comes to design.

Consisting of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland, Scandinavia region developed in the twentieth century a design that brings light and clarity into the environment, in response to major periods of severe cold and darkness that these countries face in the European winter.

Among its outstanding features, three stand out:

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Transforming an old structure into a new and completely different from the original design style is a challenge for many professionals. Especially if the proposal is to convert a decaying church in a modern and elegant home.

In Chicago, the United States, the architect Linc Thelen accepted this challenge. Instead of demolishing the structure and building a new residence on the ground, the architect and the clients chose to revitalize the interior, redistribute environments and keep characteristic elements of the pre-existing church, such as the stained glass windows, the entrance door and the original right foot almost 8 meters high.

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The world of decoration and interior design is full of rules about what can and what can not within an environment and usually these standards even ensure that our space is visually pleasing.

But if the ideal is that our house is decorated according to our personality, often these rules leave no indoor space with our face.

Therefore, the website met 7 environments with decorations and unusual color palettes to encourage you to dare when designing the interior of your home.

In the above environment, the mixture decoration not only hues but also the patterns and shapes. Notice how bright and distinct colors predominate in harmoniously room, the yellow wall, dark blue carpet and red sink and chairs coexist perfectly well.

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Black in white. Meet minimalism in the Ukrainian project Igor Sirotov
The architect respected the request of customers: nothing superfluous. Therefore, the 162 m2 of the land were worked in simple lines and shapes to maintain free and open space.

Two bedrooms with a kitchen, an office and a living room connected to a deck with pool are the attributes of the house, who does not sin by excess, but does not dispense finishes and high quality furnishings.

The monochrome is applied with aplomb. Toilets, mixers, bathtubs and tiles are some of the elements based on the classic contrast.

The exposed concrete gives a rough touch as wooden profiles and glass leave the most enlightened environments on a project where less is more.

Sao Paulo office design SPBR arrive on European soil. The building alternating panels of glass and wood in the city of Lugano, Switzerland.

It is on uneven ground that the six floors of the building settled. Built in collaboration with the office Baserga Mozzetti Architects, the complex named “Peak House” has a commercial ground floor and residential apartments ranging in size of the program.

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This project meets all modern references small apartment, mezzanine, furniture design and creative storage solutions with a difference: the reform preserved unfinished elements 1980s.

Wallpapers flowering half, exposed wires and spackling without application of paint were kept as part of the “charm” of the project, based on an unfinished reform of a deposit.

The former owner wanted to turn what was a furniture storage warehouse in a living space, but got sick during retirement.

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  1. How to make wall decoration in photos?
  2. How to select photos for wall decoration in photos

Interior decorating with photos is one of the most attractive modern decor models. In times of digital camera, everyone has a range of records and use is a way to give life to the environment and personality. Why not? Stay cool, is chic and combines with almost all types of models. And once running, decorate with ease is all you need, isn’t it?

The use of pictures can come in several spaces of the environment. The most common are living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Other spaces are not indicated for use as a toilet (moisture damages the images too), kitchen and laundry area. Place the photos in place of broad vision and for their guests. After all, decoration is something to you but to be seen too, isn’t it? Common sites are the ideal.

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When Paul Owen architects, Stuart Vokes and Aaron Peters were hired to reform this wooden house in the suburb of Brisbane, they were taken to the origins of Australian architecture, which commonly built the kitchens apart from the main house. The tactic was a way to reduce the ravages of fire case fire happened, common danger that hot and dry climate area.

The separate kitchen of the main house was a common practice until the mid 40. However, the owners of the house, a semi-retired couple who intended to house his official residence, wanted something more cozy a living space where they could receive friends while preparing dinner.

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Reuse of building materials in gardens and decorative items seems to be more prominent than ever.And this is the time of bricks and concrete blocks, which has been reappropriated by architects, decorators and interior designers in creative projects.

The webpage met this gallery with 20 photos to inspire you and give ideas for a new use different materials in their projects.

Costing around R $ 2.40 the unit stores reference, the concrete block is available in various formats. Leaky or solid, the material invades the interiors giving a touch of brutalist the most diverse mobile, being more used as sideboards between sheets of glass and wood.

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Aesthetics + performance functionality + Sustainability: is the combination of these aspects makes the ventilated facades such a beloved innovation in architecture.

The ventilated facade has emerged from studies in European laboratories in order to find a way to reduce energy costs for heating and cooling, especially cold that the continent suffers.

The result was arisen a system for coating the faces of buildings which leaves a space to be ventilated between the outer sheath and the insulation.

The solution not only has an amazing structure, but has been enhanced so that arose several choices of materials, colors, textures and shapes.

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