The design curation does not tire of seeking the best products and stores for you to take quality and tasteful decor home.

To enter in 2016 with the right foot, check the 8 news you already find in our online store:

Office Del Papa

The workshop with 4 years of activity is driven by the business administrator and joiner Felipe Del Papa, which manufactures all products in solid wood and unique way, from the idealization of the project to the final finish of the piece.

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With the growing trend of gourmet spaces indoors, the idea of ​​entertaining friends and family for intimate meetings and home has become even more popular.

It is less than a dining table and more than the coffee table in the living room: the bars are the ideal alternative to welcome your guests in a relaxed way.

We’ve put together this guide some ideas for you no longer need to leave home to enjoy one bar with friends.

The bars in the stands are usually next to the kitchen. The high bar has between 90 cm and 1.10 m high and low around 80 cm. The bar cap may have 40 to 60 cm, regardless of counter top height. How are higher than conventional dining tables, the stools are the ideal seating to accommodate guests with comfort.

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The market of baby products we truly offers a thousand alternatives, to any object we want to buy!

Sometimes this can be difficult to choose, or it may appear that an object is equal to another, so we focused on the least expensive!

Actually this does not always correspond to reality! The parameters that I try to consider when buying something in general, and even more for my girls, pretty much in that order are: safety, quality, price and aesthetics/design.

It is true that sometimes you pay (and so spend, the less you pay!), as it is also true that sometimes there are products that cost much and are worth little! For this word of mouth or the advice of those who have already tried something for us can be priceless!

So today I want to talk about nightlights. We have more than one home, give us during various birthdays, so we can have our say about this product!

Those who though they conquered most of my furfantelle are the night lamps , and I’d say just give a look to see why!

In fact, these lamps combine the effects of light (beautiful!) and melodies (really relaxing), sweet and cute characters, capable of conquering the pampering of our puppies according to josephnightlights!

I found it really simpativa idea, but when I saw how these lamps were accepted from my girls, I realized they were really clever and well done!

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Modern and beautiful decor changes any comodo of the house, may be it small or large, often creating a furnished one room small, you get amazing results, in which you can get the room more spacious, comfortable and beautiful.

Many people find it difficult to achieve this result, but on the contrary it is not very difficult, for you can solve the problem of little space in your small living room, you’re going to have to use some tricks and secrets of decoration and architecture, with these combinations you will achieve the effect of enlarging this small room, plus if you can generate a great comfort and leave his room modern and beautiful.

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With the gradual decline of the spaces inside the dining room ended up losing attention to other environments, and so a lot of people even have an area suitable for making meals and special dinners.

However, if you have a dining room in your house and wants to give an up in the decoration of this environment, or even if you want to create a small but nice space to be your dining room, we will give some tips and show inspirational photos that will assist you in decorating this room.

One of the biggest trends in decoration for this environment in recent years, precisely due to the shrinkage of the apartments and houses, is the integration of the dining room with other spaces, in general the kitchen and/or living room.

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The double room is one of the environments that need to be more friendly, since there the couple can sleep and share life together, so it is necessary to devote attention to the time to decorate so that it fully like both.

For being an environment shared by two people, of course the decoration should take into account the taste of both, and if this is too different, the suggestion is to choose a third decor that let both satisfied.

A tip to know what sort of answer better both is go together to look at furniture stores and also decoration, so they can clearly see what gets better with each personality, and therefore can decide what is right for the couple.

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If you’re starting to decorate the living room and she is small, it is important to optimize the space so that you don’t end up filling the environment of things that will visually pollute the space and still keep banging the knee that wouldn’t need to be there.

Decoratividade nodes we today give you a little help for you to decorate your small room so simple but with a lot of beauty and good taste and you will see that some simple and easy ideas will make all the difference in the environment.

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  1. Facades of modern houses
  2. Landscaping adds value to the entry
  3. Lighting is crucial

Check out various inspirations of facades of modern houses

If you’re going to buy a new home or want to retire to his home, decorating inspirations are always well received to ensure that your home has your face and your style. As important as the inside and functional home, however, is its external appearance and that is why it is so important to pay attention to the details of the facade. High in the market, the modern houses can adapt not only to his land, but also your budget. So, check out different models of facades of modern houses for inspiration.

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Get inspired in the animal Kingdom and bet on safari party decorations

A child’s birthday is a time to turn the day of the child in a dream event, always seeking to please the little when choosing how to theme the party what he loves the most. For children who love nature and the animal Kingdom, having a party with the Safari theme is a great option. Inspired by the tips and bet on Safari party decorations.

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Decorate your home spending less is something possible, and that can bring great fun and personal satisfaction. Through projects of decor, do-it-yourself, you can use old items, giving them a new face, reusing what you already have and creating a new appearance and refreshing.You can learn how to identify great possibilities of decoration, making your House look out of a magazine!

When the decorating project requires spend little, it’s important to let the creativity shine, so that the best ideas can gain body. Make a decorating project on their own can also be a lot of fun and bring satisfaction, because the result depends only on your willingness and dedication. And this can all be done away with their savings, as a beautiful and striking decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune – how about she cost little or not cost anything? Check out some craft and decorating tips that will bring to your home a new man costing little or not cost even a penny!

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