1. Decorate small powder room spending little
  2. Small but modern bathroom

First we go to the difference between toilet and bathroom, since some people do not know. If you don’t know this difference, do focus on this article.

Bathroom at least has a toilet, sink, a shower and even a bath. It is a room designed for the complete bathroom amenities. While the toilet only has toilet and sink.

It is simple, isn’t it?! For your basic utility, usually the wash basins are small, after all there is no need to spend much time in them. This does not mean that you have to neglect your decor.


If you want to make your sink well cute, but can’t or don’t want to spend a lot on this space, just make a beautiful ceramic coating, and the pills are widely used in such cases.

You should also put a mirror in front of the sink. The largest mirror that fits in that wall, and it’s going to have an amplitude to the room and will make your room more beautiful. Read More →


  1. Blinds curtains models
  2. Where to buy curtains blinds?

Curtains blind is considered as a modern and stylish alternative to your decor. Most people think of the square or shorts models, covering only the window, but this is only one of several possibilities of the template to your house. There are several types of shutters and surely you will find an ideal one for your space.

Although it is match better with modern style, curtains blinds are suitable in any type of room, and 1950s-style is the most modernists with metallization in all spaces. Even a disk in a theme room is cool, just find the ideal item to your project.

The accessory only offers advantages. With simple maintenance, just a damp cloth with specific products can already keep the item in good shape. Another tip is to use a cloth whenever you notice dust on the item and thus keeps it clean. Once installed, it only can be removed by hands. The life of the product is also quite long, even longer than the models of tissue and it does not require many energy and a lot of water for washing.


Despite being the best known square, there are several other models. The longest are used when you have glass mural or doors of landscape. It is common on hotel balconies and light isolation case with control. The system of ropes to open and close is the best known, but this is only one of the possibilities. Whether you want a  depends on your room decoration style. Short curtains with shutter format are widely used in bedrooms, small windows and they work well. Only when you have a large window or glass doors, you need a full-length curtains, especially on the run. Read More →

Many of you some questions when you come decorate the walls with decorative stickers for the first time. Over the years we have been working with decals for companies and businesses have seen them in all colors and do not speak vinyl … it’s easy! But you must always follow the instructions of each manufacturer!
Today some tips for your stickers remain you as if you had installed a professional I propose.

– 1. Cut out the parts you want to place independently.
– 2. When you receive it , if it is wound, do not leave it for days, I spread it on a flat surface , waiting for it can install.
– 3 .- at the time of place, always smooth stickers with a spatula (Blast any better for you) to remove any wrinkles paper carrier and thus set the adhesive.
– 4. Submit it to the wall with masking tape. Do not be impatient. Sure where and how you want to place.
– 5. If you already have installed decorative vinyls at home and has lifted some point, try to give a little heat with a simple dryer. The gum will soften and probably will stick again.
– 6. If you have to install a wall, I prefer a couple of millimeters overlap the different pieces. Thus you avoid if contract with temperature changes will appear separations. And to expand their damage when hitting a piece with the other.
– 7. When installing a decorative vinyl or vinyl oversized child I like vertically place a masking tape in the middle. So first you hit the right side, then fold the tape and then left.
– 8. Remember that the wall must be clean and dry. Never put your stickers if you’re not sure your walls paint is dry.
-. 9. Always follow the instructions of each manufacturer and so your adhesive on the wall will be perfect
-10.-never put your stickers for wall near radiators or other heat sources.

The stickers to the wall are a quick and inexpensive solution to change the look of your walls without having to work at home.
And you’ve put some time on the wall stickers to decorate?


If you live in an apartment or in a small house and you think you won’t be able to have a green corner for lack of space, we today will show that it is possible! A simple idea that has pleased a lot of people are going to do with that you can finally have a green area in your house with flowers or even the spices that you like.

This wonder is the vertical garden, which allows you to take advantage of any space on the wall of the balcony or other room and has various plants making the environment more pleasant. We’re going to teach you today how to make a vertical garden simple, and you’ll see how great it looks!

How to make a vertical garden

Well, for starters there are a few different types of vertical garden, being some of the most common and inexpensive the made with pet bottle, coir and half moon vase. Choose the one that has more to do with your taste and what you think will look better in your house.

Regardless of the method you choose, it is recommended to insulate the wall, and in the case of making coir is a necessary point.

Then, choose the plants that will be placed on the vertical garden. People would like to choose plants that like a lot of sun and rain. If you don’t have much time to take care of them, choose species that don’t need much water.

Vertical garden pet bottle

To make the vertical garden of pet bottle you will need a place for support, which can be a truss bought ready iron or wood or improvised with for example a box bed small or a small gate. After deciding which truss uses, it’s time to make the spider pet bottle.

One of the most common ways is to use the tip of the bottle cut, since their design is beautiful. In this case, the mouth of the bottle will be the bottom of the vase. The cut should be done around 12cm from the mouth. The lid should have a small hole to drain the water.

To hold the vase in trellis, use a support or a wire. In the case of wire, cut two small holes near the border to 2cm away from each other and pass the wire.

Before putting the plant, place at the bottom of the vase a piece of blanket so that the substrate does not clog the water drain hole. Then just put in the vessels the plants you chose and hang on the truss.

Vertical garden Coco fiber

The other type of vertical garden is made with coconut fiber. In this case, buy coconut fiber plates of the model includes a built-in vase made of fiber, where you put the chosen plant.

To attach the wall you can screw the plate directly or screw timbers and wood on the wall parallelly, so the wall is not in direct contact with the fiber.

Vertical garden with half moon vase

The last type of vertical garden that quote is done with half moon vases.

It is super simple, just buy the spider veins and trap them in a truss or directly on the wall, and then put the plant of your choice inside.


  1. How to put pisograma
  2. How much does pisograma cost

Have you heard about pisograma? Some people know it is a grass or floor concregrama. You might not even know the name, but you know what is the pisograma. It is a concrete floor poured in which there is space for the grass to grow and protects it from being trampled or crushed by cars.

This type of flooring has many advantages and the main is that the site doesn’t get waterlogged since the soil underneath can breathe and absorb water, unlike the concrete floors which are waterproofed.

This type of flooring is ideal for outdoor areas and make the environment very nice and it is much better for the environment. They are also very sturdy, but if they are placed in locations where the passage of vehicles is constant, it is necessary to use a special type.

They have very varied forms. If your neighbor put a pisograma in the yard, and you are also eager it; you don’t need to buy a same pisograma for your yard, and you can use a floor with different designs. Read More →

The lamps are a detail that can not miss on your side tables, but it can be difficult to find the right ones. Although many are nice, they must also be the right size and provide the kind of light you need for your activities. When choosing table lamps keep these tips in mind.


First choose the style you want for your lamps, since it must be combined with the rest of the decor. While some are more elegant, others are funny. How many lamps do you need? You can use different databases in the same environment if you use the same color and shape on the screen. If the lamp base is colorful, you should include this tone in other details, such as pillows or curtain. Bases wood and metal are more traditional, while the glass are more sophisticated.



You must have several sizes into account when choosing vintage lamp. First, the high total should be the same as the height of the table.

This will make the light this the right level when you’re sitting. Also create balance in space. Take the measurement from the ground to the surface of the table and the lamp is not measured (see screen on more than 1.5 times this number. As for the width, this should be around two smaller than the table surface inches. The lamp should never be wider than the table. If you have children or pets, pick a heavy not easily fall. Before shopping sit on the sofa or chair beside the table, and take measures to ensure that the base of the screen is not at eye level. This way you will not have direct light on your face.

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