20 Decorating Ideas and Gardens with Concrete Blocks

Reuse of building materials in gardens and decorative items seems to be more prominent than ever.And this is the time of bricks and concrete blocks, which has been reappropriated by architects, decorators and interior designers in creative projects.

The webpage met this gallery with 20 photos to inspire you and give ideas for a new use different materials in their projects.

Costing around R $ 2.40 the unit stores reference, the concrete block is available in various formats. Leaky or solid, the material invades the interiors giving a touch of brutalist the most diverse mobile, being more used as sideboards between sheets of glass and wood.

They are a cheap solution to customize the environment, which may even give an industrial look to the room. First of all, a very important first tip: remember to pass varnish on the piece so that the block is not dropping waste.

Living Room

In the room, concrete blocks can be functional and unobtrusive, stacked, as in the image above are a great idea for bookcase and sideboard decoration objects. To have a sober tone, does not call attention to the decor, allowing you dare more time to choose the objects that will make up your environment.

Furthermore, they can be great support for computer desks or lobby trimmers your home. Here, we give you other ideas of how to use trimmers in home decoration with other materials.

For making such furniture, few materials are needed: concrete blocks (remember to evaluate which block is more suitable to bear the weight of what you intend to rely on mobile) and a surface of a material to choose from: wood and glass usually are the most common choices and better match the gray blocks.

Something important to take into consideration is the structural design of the project. Review it before creating a bookcase or some other furniture with concrete blocks. This is fundamental to the structure of the flat support mobile weight.


As the room is a place that requires warmth and softness, you will probably find that the concrete blocks are rough parts for this environment.

But do not turn up your nose, concrete blocks can take curious functions, such as serving up to a litter box. The result is a unique piece and full of personality.

To innovate and improve this aspect of the raw piece, you can always paint them. First, you must prepare to receive the ink block to seal the porous surface can be done with a primer, preferably of the same basic material of the ink, which may be of latex, elastomeric or oil-based.

It is important that you let the coach dry for a few moments in the play for the effect to be expected.After drying, the ink may be applied to market, there are some specific for painting material. The epoxy ink, for example, has a good finish and fixation in concrete surfaces. A 3.6 L tin costs on average R $ 169 reais.

The sideboards indicated for the room can also be part of the room decor, especially if the room has an industrial or more rustic look. But be careful not to load the environment with the appearance of concrete. The material is welcome but we must use it just right so that the room does not become rough or unfinished appearance.

External Area

The environment in which the concrete blocks reign more are the gardens and outdoor areas, especially if they are leaked. The spans are usually availed to be filled with plants, creative schemes that interlock the blocks and create a beautiful composition.

If you do not have much time to take care of plants but think a touch of nature makes all the difference, bet on a semi-arid garden – succulents are trend in interior (as already you count this post here ) and are ideal for give a soft touch to the garden.

This can be a great opportunity for you to build your own garden: vegetables like mint, chives or parsley are always tastier when freshly baked.

If your garden is spacious, a good idea is to make a stool supported on concrete blocks with wooden bars and pads. In addition to original super, it is an economical solution to give a special touch to the open space of your home. In this situation, paint the block makes all the difference. It is worth investing in customization so that the final result is visually pleasing.