10 Ways to Create a Meditative Room

Imagine we have a special room in our house, a particular area intended for the care of our mind, our body and our soul: it would not be a great idea? The very thought of having an area of ​​the house dedicated to peace, tranquility and emotional well-being should make us more happy and joyful.

This “magic” we can forget the stresses of everyday life, maybe trying to connect with higher powers if we believe in their existence, we should all have a space dedicated to meditation daily, a room that can offer us the opportunity to recharge our body, both physically and mentally.

The benefits of meditation are now famous, given the fact that all the discoveries encountered to date demonstrate that fails to heal and transform.

According to some studies, it was possible to spell out how the art of meditation is able to change the way our brain works.

There are strict rules that must be followed to create a space dedicated to this discipline, but there are some tips that we should consider to achieve the desired final effect.

For this reason, we decided to suggest 10 initiatives to create your perfect room: let’s put both mind and heart during the furnishing step, using the elements that we love.

We choose a space that gives us well-being

It is very important to choose a room of our house that makes us feel good.

This means that when you take on a daily basis, gives us an involuntary smile with pillowcases on Estaterealest.

Also, it is good to consider to be absolutely quiet, where people are not obliged to go during the day.

When we decide to choose our area dedicated to meditation, we must pay close attention to the light: what does it mean? If we focus on areas with lots of natural light, we will improve our mood in an almost instantaneous.

We should opt for spaces that face the sun during the hour in which we wish to meditate.

Another interesting idea is linked to the sunset: what better way to start this stage? If, in spite of due care, we can not find our perfect room, we can move towards the outdoor spaces.

Which is a patio, a bridge or a flower garden is not important: what matters is that this location manages to be relax your body and mind without the presence of distractions.

A clean and orderly

As we mentioned earlier, the perfect room to do meditation should be free of distractions .

This refers not only to people but also to the disorder.

We avoid categorically assign our office in a meditative room because too full of documents, filing cabinets, desks and invoices: all elements that would lead us to stressful thoughts related to the world of work.

Should we decide to empty as much as possible the environment we choose to use, so that it contains a maximum of two elements: a table and yoga mat or a pillow suitable for the occasion.

We bring nature into our place of meditation

It is now known that the nature relaxes and heals, then we could decide to add some natural elements in our little oasis of peace.

In fact, most people believe that meditation is a kind of intimate connection between mind and body, but actually also to the nature and the environment that surrounds us in this world.

Obviously, the advice most watched concerns against the activity carried out in the open air, in a natural and relaxing place, but unfortunately this is not always possible, especially if we live in cities.

So let’s add natural touches to our room: in this way you will be a perfect combination of balance and harmony.

There are no rules about it, so we can choose all the natural elements that we prefer.

Green light floral plants, perhaps with jasmine to perfume the room, but also the excellent cut flower vases, or filled with sand and shells: for those who have the opportunity, you might think to insert a small fountain.

Any water fountain is the best natural choice when it comes to meditation, especially if you can not exercise on the beach.

Our small indoor waterfall will give us very similar to those relaxing moments of the waves.

Meditate with music

The music is not essential, but can be especially beneficial and relaxing against some subjects.

A useful choice if our house is located in a busy area, near the trains or at airports.

The music composed for the meditation helps us to get peace and quiet, almost as if I listened the water of a fountain.

We avoid pieces with texts and not only we focus on classical music: we prefer the sounds of the ocean, birds chirping or the wind noise.

Stanza meditative: via free all’aromaterapia

When we decide to create a meditative room we must also take account of ‘aromatherapy.

Use essential oils coming from plants such as lavender, peppermint or chamomile, can help us achieve peace for both our mind and for our body.

Ben also hatchets candles and incense; excellent in heating oils.

Aromatherapy helps us not only to relax, but it has other advantages interesting to be reckoned with: we are talking about a particular therapy that can help us heal by stimulating the functions of the brain, strengthening our immune system, relieving muscle pain and canceling every form of stress.

personal space, unique, peaceful

Furnish a room for meditation means give the place a very personal touch, which differs from the others.

We can then decide to use a particular item, an unusual fragrance, a harmonic sound or an object that is able to relax.

We think of items like crystals, Buddha statues, bells, stones, works of art, bells and beads: all of these items can make our most serene and tranquil space, according to the importance that we give to what we decide to enter .

However, as we have already suggested, we try to keep the area clean and tidy.

meditation room: you can not miss the fresh air

In addition to aromatherapy we mentioned earlier, the perfect meditation room should have fresh air, as it has many advantages.

We will increase our intellectual capacity, facilitate our health and look more rested.

If our space is outdoors we should not have much trouble; if we are at home, however, we will have to opt for a ventilated room with many windows.

If these are not there, we choose ceiling fans that operate as air purifiers.

serene and soothing colors

The place to do meditation should not be treated solely from the point of view of materials and furnishings, but also from the point of view ofcolor .

Many choose pastel colors, as are a more appropriate solution than relaxing and dark tones.

However, there are individuals who choose very dark shades to recall the womb: a sort of protective room that recalls the early days of life.

Regardless of the tone, it is noted that the color affects and influences our mood : try to bring out those colors that make us feel calm, serene and relaxed.

The importance of lighting

As mentioned earlier, the best guess would be to have a room with plenty of natural light.

However, to make the welcoming environment, we should “treat” windows with sheer fabrics in light tones to diffuse the light throughout the room.

If you do not have natural light, we have to choose accurately the lamps.

Green light to dim and bright lights, because we can change mood and wish for different light sources.

If we are staying outside, make sure that the area is not too bright during daylight, creating shades with small umbrellas or structures capable of supporting transparent curtains.

We avoid any technological element

There are no rules to create a perfect meditation room, although there are about what not to use to achieve it.

They are absolutely prohibited technology objects, in addition to the music player.

Phones and computers should be turned away because of her text messages, call or email you’ve received may distract us, away from the peace we are seeking.

In addition to these accessories, we avoid even TVs, consoles and video games.