10 Tips for the Organisation of Your Wardrobe

The first step to obtain this result is to remove everything that is inside and conduct a screening in order to remove parts that you no longer use, that are already worn and also those that do not serve anymore. Here is also a tip: only keep the clothes that are clean, because in this way you avoid problems with mold and bad smell.

10 Tips for the Organisation of Your Wardrobe

After you have done this classification, it is time to separate the parts to be saved. First do the division by type, ie, keep pants with pants, t-shirt with t-shirt, and so on. You can also choose to separate by color, which will help to retain the order. Remember also that leaving the pieces that you use most in an easily accessible place.

The time of folding the t-shirts also deserves a special attention, after all batteries of the same size favor the organization. To do this, simply use a template: you can invest in some existing on the market for this function (such as the plastic and acrylic) or even use only one sheet: A4 sheet.

A way to save space in small locations, is to store clothes in the off season in the bags the vacuum. Moreover, the parts will be free from the effects of moisture.

Another important point is to see how each model of a piece needs to be stored: what should be hung or folded, and how this should be done. You also need to be aware of the type of hanger to be used, as for each the need, there is a specific model, such as the clothes a more structured requiring a hanger more sturdy and with shoulder pads.

For smaller parts, such as panties, socks, bras, and also accessories like belts and handbags, it is interesting to invest in objects organizers, as comeias, the tabs of the drawer and boxes.

Finally, police to keep everything in order, and enjoy a harmonious environment!