10 Amazing Homes for Pets

1 – The Pei Pod Kitty

Nothing more cute than a kitten sleeping in an egg, the company Pei Pod has developed this capsule sleeping to dogs, cats and other animals, in the egg shape that makes it possible to combine different colors of the cushion and the little house. In addition to discreet, and worthy of any environment the Pei Pod Kitty meets the needs instinctive of the animals creating a safe and comfortable environment, since it mimics the natural environments of refuge such as caves and burrows.

10 Amazing Homes for Pets

It can handle up to 100 kg of pressure, being highly resistant made of High-Density Polyethylene – HDPE, a material also used in products for babies, being non-toxic. The cushion is 100% washable and recyclable.

2 – Cubix – Mansion Dog

Inspired by the architecture produced by the Bauhaus, this doghouse is a true mansion, super stylish, contemporary made to house man’s best friend. Produced by German company Best Friend’s Home she has minimalist lines and plenty of functionality, with the entry of natural light, ventilation, and a broad vision to the dog of what is going on in the garden!

It is made of quality materials, shatterproof glass, wood with paint resistant to the weather and even stainless steel sheets.

3 – Hepper Pod

Another option for summit house for your cat, the Hepper Pod is a single bed, a special cat, so your Pet does not get thrown on the ground, she is high ensuring a circulation of air better and has the covering removable. Was created to offer a resting space for cats that can be accommodated in the room without any embarrassment.

4 – Cat Cocoon

Designed by Warren Lieu for One Form Design, the Cat Cocoon is a highly functional and sustainable, made of layers of corrugated cardboard, laser cut, glued together to create an inviting environment that has openings so that the cat can stay looking and playing, plus you can sharpen the nails on the surface of the cardboard thing that cats simply love to do!

5 – Kokon Kennel

This is a house with green roof for dogs and cats, in addition to being a shelter to your pet, he holds a vase wrapped in their own plastic non-toxic to the doghouse. Can be placed both indoors, fits in any small corner, or even in the external area. Made by the French company Pousse Créative.

6 – Aquarium Giona

Developed by industrial designer Alessandra Baldereschi for Italian company Skitsch, the aquarium Giona has the shape of a whale and a reinterpretation of the aquarium traditional with a fun twist.

7 – APA Birdhouse

In spite of the birds being famous builders of their homes by the Portuguese designer Luis Porem decided to innovate and create a temporary shelter for the birds to live, the APA Shelter for Birds, made of colorful ceramic, can be ordered in various colors.

8 – Cpopp Birdhouse

This house of birds is the icing on the cake of your project of the garden, a work of art that provides a temporary habitat for birds, small, made in walnut and teak, is perched on a tripod of steel and wood. Produced by Cpoop Workshop.

9 – Caravan Dog House

This trailer for dogs is a shelter differential created by the Italian designer Marco Morosini for your collection Dog is a God, because for him the domestic dogs are gods in the wild living in our human dimension, its projects are temples canines in environments designed to measure.

10 – Kooldog

A house that blends with any environment, beautiful and modern Kooldog has curved lines and discrete with the front in wood available in 5 different colors and two sizes.