10 Amazing Decorations That Glow in the Dark

In daylight, the decoration of objects of the home environments are clearly visible, and it is easy to bet on bold ornaments to give personality to the room.

But at night, the highlights of the house lose life. If the idea is to keep your environment with a single identity independent of time of day, to make shine in the dark points is a good solution.

There is no colored wall with strong shades or flashy objects – the Valprint, for example, bet on a transparent ink.

At first, it is difficult to imagine how an ink without pigment may be a way of daring decoration, but the mechanism is surprising: with high power of phosphorescence, it glows in the dark and can illuminate a room for up to 8 hours.

MAGIC LIGHT is a paint transparent water-based interior that absorbs natural and artificial light so in the dark state, the ink is able to restore the lighting to the environment. With the lights off, the walls of the room light.

It can be applied on concrete walls, drywall, plaster, wood, glass, aluminum and iron, over an existing paint. Its yield is 6 to 7 m² per liter paint.

But to obtain light effects with rooms is an idea that can be applied in different ways. The stickers that glow in the dark, for example, are a practical alternative that requires less time for application.

Furthermore, they are only a few light sources, the environment remains dark and more comfortable, even with the luminance of the pieces.

Another practical way to get a point that glows in the dark inside the room is decorating the room with bright pots. They are simple to make and give a special touch to any location.

It’s just applying phosphorescent paint with a brush in a glass jar forgotten in the home kitchen, making several dots. Let the container exposed to light during the day. The ink needs to absorb light to emit light in the dark.

Betting on phosphorescence to customize the home to at night is a fun choice, charming and the main thing without causing major changes in the aesthetics of the site.