The flashlights you can buy in stores all have a single fail-beam of light projects is rather weak due to the low powered light bulb inside. You can make a flashlight projects a powerful beam by replacing the light bulb with a more powerful one. You need batteries to power the new bulb and will have to adapt an existing flashlight to be able to work with the new bulb and batteries. No electronic skill is needed, and the powerful flashlight you will do can be completed within an hour.

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The bedroom is a very personal room in every home, you can decorate and customize only according to your taste. If you are doing the home, is the perfect time to create something for you: the same if you want to give a look back to your room now. dated 

Here then are some tips to renew the bedroom effectively, realizing with the DIY, a new headboard for your bed, focusing on certain details and decorative objects:


Here is a perfect solution for creative recycling, using old used books, to create a headboard for the bed.
Simply cutting away the book covers to glue them onto a piece of plywood that will go, then, mounted on the bed. Or stacked in various heights behind the bed, a very original idea.

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The series “WhATA make repair” entering a final phase. On the occasion we will not only carry over bags of clothes and boxes of pots during the holidays, but decided to compose some practical job.

Commenting lot of people heeded the floor lamp in the living room, which we painfully, clumsily, but his ambitious assembled themselves from an antique surveying tripod. So below is an impromptu tutorial on how to make such a lamp step by step.

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The physiological desire to renew the home decor knows no bank accounts: you to place a large capital or small change, comes to everyone’s time to say “I want to fill that wall” or”add a piece of furniture in the corner”.

What if the change does not allow us compulsive designer shopping which really would like to do?
It takes a little ‘spirit of initiative and passion for yourself: here is some advice on how to decorate the house with ideas at low cost and high rate creativity.

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This is the question which most often hosts ask when they begin to choose what energy saving bulbs to choose the lighting of each room in your home.

This of course is not as easy a question as it seems, because the correct dimensioning of the lighting in the premises affected many indicators as – size of the room volume of the room, the color of the walls and ceiling, the location of lighting fixtures and so on. All these parameters calculated them special lighting programs for people dealing with professional lighting equipment.

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The “Shabby Chic” is undoubtedly one of the styles of furniture most beloved of the moment. Usually romantics, lovers of vintage and fans of vaguely retro atmosphere have at least one room of their home in this style, and if you still have not done so to complete furniture in Shabby style, surely scattered here and show off all those proud complements furnishings that seem to have been newly retrieved from Grandma’s attic.

How it started and what it means to the term shabby chic?

If we translate the letter shabby chic means “scruffy chic” and is deliberately a style of appearance must seem a little ‘left to itself, almost uncared for, but which, in reality, hides an eye for detail and a search to the manic limit.

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Learn the advantages of window air conditioning and care in the installation of such equipment.

Also known as air conditioning wall, the air window conditioners is a device compact and can be the best solution for those who want cool air occupying little space as possible on the environment. That’s because condenser, compressor and evaporator are integrated into a single block.

As with other air conditioners, the window also has several models. Digital offer more convenience by allowing the use of remote control. For him, you can remotely control all commands and also schedule times to turn it on or turn it off.

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Ragnheiður OSP is an Icelandic designers led by game and ironic sweetness. Its brand, Umemi, fortunately for us easier to remember, churning out products as diverse as many designers for the sake of the only things suggests: furnishing accessories related to Scandinavian tradition, nice rubber alien creatures and plush, illustrations.

Even as a child Ragnheiður collects bizarre objects as if they were treasures and passion for the forms was always with her. Today through design seeks to convey in the other that its own interests.

His line Notknot is designed to give the house a touch of warmth and sympathy: the soft colorful wool pipes are intertwined to form large nodes to use as pillows and decorations. The Icelandic creative plays with the measures, magnifying the size of the nodes and with the perception of serratezza typical of the plot, which she transforms into something very soft and enveloping.

Each pillow is made ​​of wool in bright colors or soft pastel melange and each is the interweaving of a specific node.
The inspiration, he says, did you come looking to the nautical tradition and practice scout to learn the main nodes. After studying the twists and forms for a while ‘time Ragnheiður OSP has designed its original pillows, frequently updating the available colors.

The idea is liked a lot and today its Notknot twisted softly enliven new premises, photo shoots and television studios.

We can find them in the store on Etsy the designer.

When preparing to become parents, one of the thousands of commitments and pleasures is to prepare the bedrooms for children who arrive. Be inspired by our site and discover all the chandeliers children’s most beautiful. 

Children chandeliers, the magic of light

The bedroom of the smallest ever need such care because it is the place in which they grow, rest, learn about the world around them and they can play. And their room, a place in which to welcome their friends and play in peace. Precisely for this reason it needs a very attentive. Baby chandeliers, especially if enriched with adhesives and details that recall the cartoon characters, they are indispensable to create the right atmosphere and lighting. The right choice of lighting, however, is far less simple than it may seem. If the chandeliers for children who want to descend into suspension from the ceiling, for example, will illuminate every corner making their room perhaps too enlightened, so that children will struggle to fall asleep and continue to toss and turn in their beds. Or, too dim lamps on the desk where will the tasks could stress their views. The ‘magic light’ must be declined according to us and to our children and the right choice of children’s lamps must be made ​​with the utmost attention to the various needs.

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Today we see How to achieve the nursing pillow DIY in a few simple steps: what you need is a paper-model, with dimensions that we explain in the instructions, cotton wool and sewing tools. Of course a baby to nurse would do right up!

For someone who has dexterity with sewing make a nursing pillow DIY in will be child’s play. The tutorial that we illustrate using the sewing machine but, with a little extra patience, especially for those who does not move well with this tool, the nursing pillow can be made and sewn by hand. Read More →