The led as the solution for the professionals of the campsite

Campgrounds surface being very large and often very crowded, lighting solutions must be implemented everywhere. Therefore be practical to precisely target areas to illuminate and the means to enlighten.

The problem of campgrounds, is that there are very many areas of passage that can not afford to leave in the dark at nightfall: the risk of accidents and injuries are too important. Other sides, leave these areas informed at all times, it is wasting energy and risking to hinder vicinity guests. Read More →

We set objectives on a daily basis as, for example, make career, spend more time with our family, put money aside to finance the studies of children, spend more than time to our recreation and perhaps even, undertake renovations in the House.

And why not set the goal of saving money while respecting the environment?

The implications of this decision on the other objectives? The answer is simple: the money saved would allow us, for example, to spend a pleasant holiday with your family. Furthermore, having to spend less time to replace light bulbs, we would, to some extent, devote a little more time to leisure. Read More →

From incandescent to CFL bulbs and LED bulbs: bulbs changing market


In 1879, the famous inventor Thomas Edison was able to develop a product that would become essential: the bulb. The first light bulbs, incandescent bulbs, have replaced the gas lamps systems and oil to simplify interior lighting. Read More →

What bulbs to change a priority?

If you want to reduce the amount of your electric bill, save money and limit your carbon footprint then you can replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs.

Today many bulbs and technologies available on the market. Here are some tips for successful energy transition of your lighting. Read More →

Connect your tape LED on a battery makes your “mobile” LED Strip, which still offers a lot of creative possibilities. And Carnival accessories, advertising panels, lighting for luxury caravan trips, etc.

Need you only three objects for a battery-operated LED Ribbon: a Ribbon LED, a battery and a female connector. Read More →

All bulbs do not broadcast the same shade of light: he must buy a model whose color is adapted to its use. There are 3 main shades for bulbs: warm white, neutral and white cold.
Warm White
Warm white corresponds to a rather light yellow. Of course, the intensity of this color varies depending on the model: the color temperature is usually between 2500 ° K (yellow) and 3500 ° K (very yellow). Warm white is strongly recommended in the living rooms. Indeed, the broadcast color brings the heat and conviviality. Read More →

Lighting professionals

Among professionals as individuals, the lighting is very important. Host a customer in a well-lit retail for example, space is essential.

In the medical field, excellent visibility is required. Dental offices, waiting rooms, medical practice need a powerful, white light. The color rendering is improved with shades of neutral white and light full spectrum. Read More →

Champagne Bubbles Illuminate the Led.

The new ramps to 40 meters long, composed of small LEDs are particularly well suited to the structure of the Cooperative of Nogent-the Abbess.

It is indeed in the Marne that the winery that produces champagne just changed its watches sodium vaporbulbs. LED happen indeed to reconcile a lighting that respects an ideal brightness to oenologists, (which was not the case of sodium vapor lamps). LED does not expose wine to UV, because they can give a taste the champagne. There is no solution to this problem in 1997 when the cooperative had installed classic neon tubes. Read More →