Toilet Brush with Holder Set Aluminum Silver Plated Borehole Installation

Purple, red, lime, turquoise, black, white and many other colors are all colors that decorate on a bathroom on the very own, unique way! You therefore have the option to complete the style in the bathroom with a toilet brush, matching the other products in terms of color, form and material. We offer toilet brushes that are made in materials such as porcelain, polyresin, steel and stoneware. The shapes are also different because we offer square, round and more unique shapes, each of which has a specific size that can fit in exactly your home. The beautiful, shiny toilet brushes will complete your look and make sure that nothing works randomly.


In addition to the traditional toilet brushes, we give you also the possibility to buy a brush head if this lacks. The many brushes are available from brands such as Galzone, Zone, Mette Ditmer, House Doctor and Scandinavia, which also offer other products for the bathroom, such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and more. Common for all brands is the unique design that allows you to implement the whole decor with a brand or combine different brands, so your bathroom has a very personal touch, no one else has.


A toilet brush is needed, therefore, not just be a boring subject in the bathroom, there are elected without forethought – indeed, it is often the small details that count!

Modern Toilet Brush with Holder Set High Quality AluminumPlastic Silver Tone

Zing the bathroom up with these amazing towels. Towels have great durability and excellent absorption capacity, while the long cotton fibers provide a glossy and nice soft surface. You can mix between the many colors the towel is available.

Available in sizes

Wash cloth 30x30cm
Guest Towel 40x60cm
Alm. towel 50x100cm
Bath towel 70x140cm
Bath sheet 100x150cm

Get greater pleasure from your towels

Bath Towels in Trendy Colors

Before you wash your towels for the first time, you should put them to soak in cold water. Thus improves you hand garment’s absorption capacity.
Avoid using fabric softener when you wash your towels, then softener attaches itself on top of cotton fibers, which impairs the absorption capacity significantly.

LED Tree LightHerstal Lucia Light Bulbs

Size: H170 cm and H250cm
Brand: Herstal Christmas
Color (s): Dark Brown
Dimmable: No
Light source: 216 LED or 320 LED diodes w/warm white light
Cord length: 8 m cord included
Light type: discount LED lamps
Comments: IP44-can be used both outdoors and indoors

Herstal Lucia LED Tree Light

  1. A super fine and very large tree light with 270 or 320 LED diodes.
  2. Don’t forget the small trees and get the way biggest tree light with!
  3. Lucia tree light can be used both outdoors and indoors.

That included small plastic “flowers” that can be put on each diode, but they can also be omitted.
Note that is not the same number of flowers as there is diodes.







Brand facts:

Lacava is an American brand specializing in manufacturing lifestyle bathroom furniture and sanitary accessories like lavatories, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, mirrors and so on.

All of their products are made in America with Italian design and German engineering, and they are still striving to create professional and excellent products to meet the needs and expectations of customers.


Main Categories:

Lavatories, bathtubs and showers, faucetry, toilets, furniture, accessories, kitchen, make-up mirrors, shower heads, hardware, drains and traps

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Mansfield Plumbing






Brand facts:

Mansfield Plumbing is an American brand specializing in manufacturing residential and commercial sanitary products like toilets, lavatories, bathtubs and so on.

Holding a strong commitment of service, quality and value, they are recognized as “Brand of Choice” because customers are fond of their professional sanitary products for high quality, innovative design and good performance.


Main Categories:

Toilets & bidets, lavatories, bathtubs, urinals, shower bases

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Brand facts:

KWC is a Swiss brand specializing in manufacturing luxury sanitary faucets and accessories for kitchen and bathroom.

Their mission is to create world’s top faucets with Swiss craftsmanship of innovation, precision, fascination and advanced technology which can bring customers a sense of comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

Stickers for Bathroom:


Main Categories:

Kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, accessories

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Brand facts:

LAUFEN is a Swiss brand specializing in manufacturing bathroom products like faucets, washbasins, toilets, furniture, bathtubs and other accessories.

Their products reflect a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality.

They combine the southern emotional Italian design and northern traditional precision in their designs which make their products unique and elegant.


Main Categories:

Faucets, washbasins, toilets, furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, accessories

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Kraus USA






Brand facts:

Kraus USA is a famous brand specializing in manufacturing high quality kitchen and bathroom accessories like faucets, sinks, combos and so on.

Based on the philosophy value of style, performance and value, they are committed to create reliable and functional sanitary products and improve the quality of customers’ lives.


Shop Bathroom Items: bridgat


Main Categories:

Faucets, sinks, combos, accessories, parts
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Brand facts: 

  • Just is an American leading brand manufacturing commercial and residential stainless steel sinks, faucets, and accessories for bathroom and kitchen.
  • Their stainless steel sink products are of high quality, creative design and nice appearance, which make their products quite popular and favored.

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