We are all aware of the importance of recycling but that does not mean let us easier at home, most do not have enough space, we have to allocate a small corner of our kitchen and always just being little decorative and very messy.

Martha Stewart y Crown Paint We propose to decorate this corner two similar ideas based on install a panel after our recycling area and she suspend cubes decorate that part of the wall and indicating what each cube. Read More →

Becomes the Spring and thus the time of filling our House again from color. Nothing better to do so, by economic and simple, a beautiful centerpieces.

This year, I suggest something different, to be original when making them using materials that go beyond flowers, so some ideas like that are going to give today picked up the page of Rachael Ray. Ah! and if you have an idea just as fun don’t hesitate to let know us. Read More →

What you see here is an idea of The Grateful thread, use old vinyl records to manufacture a Watch. Anything we can do ourselves at home with little effort.

You will probably have some disc of this type at home, your parents or yours if you are old enough, and probably no longer use it because you’ve been to other audio systems, because well, you already have a solution to make them all a decorative piece. Read More →

Pretty right? This coffee table It’s perfect for those people who like to read and who want to show it at every point of its decoration. It is of the Noguchi table, a table with a value of no less than EUR 1000. Yea, also I think an exaggeration by very nice to be. Read More →

The truth is that there are buttons that are true works of art and worth removed before discarding the garment wearing them. We will already have opportunities to wear them in our House, as we see today with these delicate napkin rings.

They have used different buttons mother of Pearl, of which are sewn at the back. Simply a beautiful behind, of sufficient length cord is passed to give him a couple of returns to the napkin, and is knotted with care. With the help of needle we introduce the knot through the hole of the button so that it is hidden. Read More →